Friday, December 2, 2016

Burger Flipping Obsolescence


On Tuesday this past week Phoenix fast food workers joined the burger flippers nationwide to demand $15 per hour...immediately.
I find that interesting, at least for Phoenix. Workers here are already paid above the national minimum wage, and voters here approved annual minimum wage boosts through 2020, to include an immediate $2 dollar per hour wage increase beginning 1 January, 2017.
Not good enough for the "Bernie Sanders" arm of our Millennial ilk. Doesn't matter that they didn't pay attention in class, are illiterate, that much of their poverty stems from breeding children they can't afford...America owes them a "living wage", even if what they do could be done by trained monkeys.
Nope. They've got to have more than free school breakfast, and lunch, and, in some school districts, dinner. And not enough that taxpayers foot the bill for free pre-school, and WIC benefits, and Medicaid and Food Stamps, and that welfare check. Nope, the working stiff simply must pay $10 bucks for a burger...cause a "living wage" is everyone's matter how ill prepared one is to enter the work force.
And, somewhere out there, in the fog of ignorance, those burger flippers are completely ignoring the fact that McDonald's and Carl Jr's. and Burger King, and Wendy's are installing robotic ordering kiosks in more than 15,000 of their franchises next year alone....because an electronic kiosk doesn't demand a "living wage" and comes with the added benefit of not issuing snotty remarks or snarky sighs.
Just one "sigh"....for the illiterate "entitled" who don't even realize that even their burger flipping jobs are becoming as obsolete as they are themselves.


Jeff H said...

We just received our annual reviews. No matter how someone performed throughout the past year, everyone gets the same percentage increase. It will be less than half of my amount of years past. Seems the company has to raise all of the newer hires up to the new minimum, so all have to sacrifice. Except for the executives in Chicago, of course.

A Modest Scribler said...

Sorry to hear this, Jeff. However, we've been moving toward pay check socialism for years now. Whether it's pay checks, or welfare checks, the least productive are rewarded and the hard working are expected to subsidize all of it.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

The fast food industry is much much MUCH smarter than the Idiots who think they are entitled to high wages simply because they are an American and not held to a higher standard. When I was growing up, if you didn't work hard at school, you ended up working in a gas station for $2 an hour. Parents must stress the importance but it won't happen. Those parents are those very same Gas Station Attendants. Funny how that works.