Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"Snotsdale, Arizona"


Just had a laugh out loud moment as I read that Wallet Hub has just done a survey about the "snobbiest city in America". Our own Scottsdale was number 1.

I laughed because, during the 12 years I've lived in Phoenix, I've heard Scottsdale labeled "Snobdale" or "Snottsdale" many, many times.

It's really not fair to label everyone who lives in Scottsdale a snob, or a snot, just as I'm sure there are folks who live in Beverly Hills who have to get by on $150,000 a year, and who actually do some of their shopping at Target, and not Rodeo Drive.

But the Scottsdale win is a bit funny. Wallet Hub based their decision as "biggest snob city" by counting the number of Spas, plastic surgery centers, beauty salons, Whole Foods groceries, exclusive dress shops....and the costs of a glass of win at happy hour. They also pored through thousands of Scottsdale consumer complaints and found them so superficial they approached silliness.

Ironically, just the other day, I was reading about the variances in school lunch menus; both by selections and costs, and found quite a difference between immigrant rich Peoria and old rich and nouveau rich Scottsdale.

Kids in Peoria were offered three choices for lunch while kids in Scottsdale offered no less than a dozen menu choices, just for lunch. And the kid in Peoria pays around $2 bucks for a school lunch (not many though.....the taxpayer foots the lunch tab for 80% of them) while in Scottsdale the tab for lunch will run you double that of Peoria.

I have no complaints about "Snotsdale". I admire the home of Frank Lloyd Wright over their way. And I've enjoyed their evening "art walks" and, on a daughter's visit, discovered one of the best Pho restaurants in the valley out Scottsdale way.

But I do find it a bit odd, when I'm out that way, to see a guy wearing a tux, topped by cowboy hat, riding a horse to his favorite watering dine on Sushi and a $100 dollar vino. :)

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Frank Krzesowiak said...

Gee. How did they miss the people of Tiburon/Belvedere? They are so snobby, they go months and never see their shoes!