Friday, December 9, 2016

Starbucks Planning Safe Spaces!


Did anyone catch the latest Starbucks news Wednesday morning? Starbucks has always been on the cutting edge of societal change. It was their CEO who encouraged his national crew to write on your morning coffee cup, urging you to admit you're a racist.

Now it seems that Starbucks, lamenting the fact that far too many of blue collar America is coming into their stores, plans to weed out "The Trumpers" and their ilk by establishing a new chain of coffee be made "exclusive" for those willing to pay a minimum of $10 dollars for a cup of their brew. Yep, it's absolutely true!

Robed in more polite terms, Starbucks says their new coffeehouses will be situated closer to their coffee roasters and feel assured that the Millenial generation will be more than willing to shell out ten bucks if it means having a "safe space" from the blue collar ilk now filing into a Starbucks franchise.

Though I don't much frequent Starbucks, I'm sure these new franchises will be a hit for the "safe space seekers". Perhaps the new stores will mount large screen TV's where they'll feature an unending loop of Obama's speeches, delivered with such elegance during the past eight years. That ought to be a huge draw for his millions of worshippers.

Pardon me, but I don't think you'll ever see me in one of those places...and forking out ten bucks for a paper cup of coffee. It was just a few weeks ago when I met with my friend and former classmate, Jo, in one of those joints. I remember having to scan the menu board three times before I could find my brew of choice....a simple cup of roasted coffee, sans the frills.

You blue collar ilk should be defiled Starbucks. Now they have to start a whole new chain of coffee houses just to get the hell away from you.

Sad. Damned Sad.

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