Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Death By Chocolate"


"Death By Chocolate"

You read the headline and, as your jaw drops in amazement, the first word out of your mouth is "Dang!" That was my reaction to this morning's report that a 24 year old Russian woman had died after falling into a vat of boiling chocolate yesterday. Apparently the poor woman was standing on a ramp above a vat of boiling chocolate when she fell into the chocolate while trying to retrieve her cell phone that had tipped into the vat. Fellow workers, being all too descriptive, said the poor lady was "minced"....the only thing remaining after her dive into the boiling chocolate being her legs floating lazily in the chocolate froth.

So of course I had to do a little more research. Was this woman the first human to die by chocolate?

Apparently not. Not long ago a 22 year old New Jersey man died in a similar manner after falling into boiling vat of chocolate.

Every time I read about one of these bizarre accidents I can't help but imagine what they might have felt when awakening on the morning of their last day on earth. Did they feel some massive bad karma afflicting them on that last day? Or were they, hopefully, blissfully ignorant of their fates?

A few short years ago I was reading (and wrote about it here) of a Russian man who awoke one morning, decided it was a fine day to go hunting, donned his hunting togs and set out for the Siberian wilds to perhaps shoot a wild hog, or perhaps a pheasant or two. After a couple of hours of trampling about the woods, tired, he took a seat on a log to rest. Sadly, a rabid squirrel was nearby, flew through the air, opened his little squirrel jaws and chewed the man's jugular vein into blood ribbons. His last seconds of life must have been filled with thoughts like "you've got to be kidding me!" "I'm going to die at the hands of an angry squirrel?"

Death by rabid squirrel. Death by chocolate.......our wondrous world can sometimes be unpleasant indeed.

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