Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Madcap Liberal "Clive Bundy" Victory Dance!


Forgive me for "droning" on you, dear reader, by mentioning Mr. Bundy two days in a row, but I can't help marveling at the grand liberal "Clive Bundy" victory dance that has sent our liberal friends into an orgasmic frenzy these last few days.  Colbert, Jon Stewart, Nasty Pellosi, former "negro"-uttering Harry Reid are all having a field day laughing at an inarticulate old man who wears cowboy boots and walks through cow shit.

The libs are having the time of their lives making fun.  But I couldn't help wondering what would happen if they were to direct all of that hateful and cynical scorn on the very Blacks that old Clive talked about.  Allow me a bit of speculation here:

Breaking News:

Jon Stewart, on the daily show yesterday, was hilarious as he poked fun of illiterate Blacks who dropped out of high school, can't read at the high school level and speak in Ebonics because they've never been taught the Queen's English.  Stewart was hysterical as he aped the speaking mannerisms of Blacks in South Central Los Angeles...and he brought down the house when he "aks" what his homey be doing...what fun!

The only thing funnier on TV yesterday was Stephen Colbert's "man on the street" schtick where he hid in an alley behind an abortion clinic and his cameraman filmed bloody fetuses tumbling into a dumpster...oh was that funny, especially when he equated those little Black fetuses to economy sized licorice flavored gummy bears being set out for pick up.

Even MSNBC got into the act as Ed (Erectile Disfunction) Shultz nearly fell out of his seat on the ED Show as he put up a slide that showed that Blacks, some 12% of the population, consume 50% of every welfare dollar.  Old Ed was laughing so hard he popped the three middle buttons of his Ralph Lauren shirt so that viewers could see a real "belly laugh".

And on Jimmy Kimmel last night, old Jimmy got his 'man on the street' to query folks in downtown Detroit to see if they would vote for Obama if they got free Obama phones...and damned if everyone of those urban Detroiters didn't cave to the graft!  They even offered to vote twice if they could get free text and talk!

The day of gleeful comedy was topped off as Letterman dressed up a bunch of stooges as Swat cops and invaded the plush North Side of Chicago and began confiscating citizen's guns.  You should have seen the look on those Honky faces when the cops walked off with their Smith and Wessons and shotguns!  It was a riot!  Then since 47 people, including children in the playgrounds, were gunned downed on Easter Weekend on the South Side, Letterman's faux Swatters drove down to the South Side and dumped their bounty of guns right in the middle of the street! should have seen those Black thugs rushing to score some serious iron!  Hilarious!

And I wonder if all that poking fun at the Black community shamed even one to give up the green check, or think twice before trading their food stamp card for cash and Coors, or if a Black mother ever actually looked at that fetus torn and mangled from the womb..and reconsidered receiving a train of breeders into her bedroom or were shamed at the street killings of six year old children.

Probably not....after all, it was all for a big laugh, right?


Craig Bailey said...

The lazy sheeple need to do a little reading and research about Mr. Bundy. The only dance this kid will do is a celebration dance on the graves of reid, difi, pelosi, and the rest of the half truth telling scumbags the manipulate the news for personal benefit and racial division. Have a good Sunday.

A Modest Scribler said...

Libs are not interested in truth, Craig. Bundy is not, has never been the spokesman for conservatives but that doesn't stop libs from painting everyone with the same broad brush. hate schools, war on women, racists, neanderthals...thats's their schtick.