Thursday, April 3, 2014

Barack Obama; "Mouthpiece"


Back in the 50's and 60's the America Mafia employed a team of high-priced lawyers that would show up in court, mount a defense against charges of running prostitution rings, gambling rings, extortion, or even murder.  The Mafia called them "mouthpieces" and they served as front line troops who allowed the criminal Mafia to lay low.

This seems to be the only talent our current President has.  Last week, when principled leadership was required over when the G-7 were meeting and scurrying in fear like little rats from the might Putin, Obama executed a "massive fail".  

So this week Barack is back in the states and doing what he does best...hitting the campaign trail, making speeches about the minimum wage, kissing elderly women at a Rosie the Riveter reunion and raising massive amounts of cash for his liberal brethren.  So BHO is back in Chicago where he'll raise millions and will, no doubt, visit local cemeteries and sign up dead people to the Democratic voting rolls.  

But Obama has had to tread carefully.  He's had to cherry pick where he goes to speak because America is weary of his speeches, having heard them so often they can virtually recite Obama's speeches by rote...and do so without the aid of a teleprompter.

So this week the "speech de jour" is raising the minimum wage.  It matters not that the independent Congressional Budget Office reports that 500,000 Americans will lose their minimum wage jobs if hamburger flippers receive a pay hike to $10.10 per hour, or that, if the "career burger flippers" get their way you'll be paying ten bucks for a Big Mac combo....and it doesn't matter than over 30% of those earning the minimum wage are kids of wealthy families who are in it for the job experience and not for a living wage. sounds good to Obama's army of liberal tit-suckers so he'll spend most of the week making speeches about it.

Maybe he'll even throw in the old "equal pay for women" spiel since that resonates with angry liberal women...this despite the well known facts that every single female employee on the White House staff makes less than their male counterparts.  Hypocrisy has never been a show stopper for this Prez.

So, while the federal budget swells to $3.9 trillion dollars, and while we will accrue another trillion dollars to our national debt, and while Iran continues to brew nuclear trouble, and while the two Koreas exchange gunfire, and while Putin eyes the enticing "country buffet" in eastern Europe, Obama is back on the campaign trail advocating for burger flippers and raising cash for the coming November "lies-fest" that Democrats rely on to win elections.

So George Soros and the rich banker husbands of Diane Feinstein and Nasty Pelosi, and Harry Reid's Nevada sugar daddy have sent their Presidential "mouthpiece" out on the great Presidential road show to advocate for race and social warfare and incite hate for anyone who refuses to buy into their grand schemes.

Post Script:  The tragedy at Fort Hood occurred after this blog was written.  We saw no better example of this blog's theme than Obama's choosing to stay in Chicago for a fundraising speech instead of flying down to Texas to comfort an army community in mourning.  The "mouthpiece"; true to form.


Craig Bailey said...

Once again we are shown what a complete W.P.O.S. the person occupying the white house is.( Worthless Piece Of Shit)

Jerry Carlin said...

A question for you! What is the minimum wage now in Arizona? In Oregon it is $9.45. Now, here at McDonald's "any size soft drink Is $1.00", on the dollar menu a sausage biscuit is a dollar and a complete Big Mack Meal, drink, fries and Big Mack is five bucks.
Just curious about the price and minimum wage requirements in other states. thanks, Jerry

A Modest Scribler said...

Hi Jerry; the minimum wage in Arizona is $7.90 and, like all Micky's nationally, the drinks are $1.00. According to "Real Fast Food the cost of a big Mac meal in Oregon is the same as here; $5.49, unless they are discounting as an incentive, and that's usually a national sale.

Don't think you can draw any correlation, state by state, on fast food prices because of the variations in the costs of a business license, property taxes, local city sales taxes and the "position makeup" of your local McDonald's crew (salaries range from $8.40 minimum to $14 per hour, based on position and experience). The only thing we do know is, nationally, if you were to add $1.70 per hour, per employee, times the number of employees affected, you would see a big jump in operating costs, no matter where you operate....and if you were to give those flippers $15 per hour, like they want, well...pretty obvious you as an owner are not going to be able to absorb that kind of costs. BTW, I don't believe I've ever walked into a McDonalds where there wasn't at least one worker idle, with his thumb up his the owner always has the "thumb up the ass" factor and, if forced to pay a higher minimum, can just lay off one or two per shift and still get the job done. i believe the CBO has much better stats on how they projected the loss of 500,000 thousand minimum wage jobs should you want to study that in more detail.

A Modest Scribler said...

Forgot to mention, Jerry, you have no state sales tax in Oregon; in Phoenix it varies city by city for the city's cut, zero in Sun City where I live, 12 percent in the next municipal over where McDonald's operates...would have no way of knowing the monthly operating costs of the lower/higher sales tax and it's impact on revenues.

Jerry Carlin said...

You made my point for me. Sales tax or not, pay flippers $8.40 or $9.40 and the "dollar menu" remains the same. Some times I think old people just bitch because it wasn't "like it was for me"! I walked through the snow up hill both ways and you should too! I don't understand why raising the minimum wage (to Oregon's standards) would make a hamburger more expensive than here?
or even the "dollar menu" in a more expensive city. The "system" did not collapse when they have raised the minimum wage in the
past although, each time, we are told it would!

A Modest Scribler said...

And Jerry, you made the point that I always make about liberals; you were able to skip right over a dozen different variations and cost factors, ignore them, then declare your point valid. Unbelievable.

A Modest Scribler said...

oh...and I forgot...please explain away the CBO's projection of 500,000 fewer jobs available...and please explain away sixty years of statistics that show that when your raise the minimum wage higher than the annual rate of inflation you always have job losses.

If Obama gets his way Micky's and competition will simply install those electronic ordering kiosks like they have in Europe and send ten million pimply faced kids (and illiterate adults) first to the employment line, then to homeless shelters. No rocket science in uttering "would you like to try our apple pies today?"

Jerry Carlin said...

I am not even on a side, yet. and really, not interested in anyone's "facts" until someone can answer my simple I posed them.
Here we go again, you accuse me of being a libtard or whatever when in fact I am just curious. I am 67 and learned a long time ago not to believe anybodies "facts" nor take suppositions as "facts". I learned from a statistics class 50 years ago that I could relate the price of a hamburger to the tides in the Pacific Ocean. The website you mention concerning McDonalds also, I believe, has the price of a Big Mac in different countries all over the world. I richer countries they are more expensive than poorer countries yet the menu prices are the same in this country from Louisiana to Oregon with vastly different minimum wages. According to the minimum wage opponents a Big Mac should be more expensive in Oregon. It isn't.

Jerry Carlin said...

and the "electronic ordering kiosks" are on the way no matter what happens. You know that.

A Modest Scribler said...

First of all, Jerry, read my post again...I alluded to you being "liberal", which you, yourself labelled yourself on your very first post to this blog some months ago.

As to your simplistic approach to the ratio of hamburger prices to minimum wage, (I won't even respond to the hamburger/ocean tides thing), liberals, yes, liberals like you, always find it convenient to ignore facts if they don't suit your particular philosophies..and love them when they do.

Example: Oregon has no sales tax, Peoria's is 12 percent. If the Oregon McDonald's franchise can sell a Big Mac meal for $5.49, sans tax, he can better afford to pay a higher minimum wage than the Peoria franchise who has to market his Big Mac at $5.49 plus a 12% sales tax. The Oregon franchisee will naturally sell more burgers, given that costs drive consumer activity.

But then, who knows? Since all states will get you in some way, maybe the poor bastard that owns the franchise in Oregon is taking less profit because of the mandatory higher minimum wage...or maybe he's hiring one less stooge to mess up my hamburger order, or maybe the franchise costs less in Oregon and that's incentive enough...or maybe there are fewer Micky franchises in Oregon because of your higher minimum wage...and I could list another two dozen variables...but it would never matter to you because you ignore them all in favor of subsidizing another dumb, illiterate adult trying to squeeze a living wage out of an entry level job.

I'm always confused over whether you are the typical kook-aid drinking liberal..or whether you just post this stuff to create a conversation. Sometimes you seem clear thinking and sometimes you seem to sip a little of the Obama kool aid and go off on a illogical tangent.

By the way, I'm not militant about pay rates...I just hate the idea that Democrats think you should pay everyone a high minimum wage no matter how lazy and stupid they are. Were I running a business I would have no set scale...I would pay my best people better than the marginal ones because they are the one driving sales. To just arbitrarily say every pimply faced youth, every trailer trash adult who didn't pay attention in class, or dropped out, and can now only qualify to flip burgers should get a 'living wage' is stupid and mindless.

A Modest Scribler said...

I forgot to add the essential note on the blog today, Jerry. It is this: Obama doesn't give a flying fuck about the minimum's simply a liberal, political talking point and another spear thrown into the class warfare arena...nor does he give on fuck about women' wage equality, or the national debt, or Black poverty or anything else...Obama is a psychotic politico who gets his rocks off speechifying and campaigning...even when there's no election to win, because if he ever stopped talking and campaigning someone would ask him to "LEAD"..he's proven to both parties that he's incapable of leading.

Jerry Carlin said...

"creating a conversation" is always good in my book! anything to make someone think and not just react.

A Modest Scribler said...

I accept the former, and, if you're referring to me in the latter, reject that portion.

Jerry Carlin said...

Not you at all but maybe your readers?

Jerry Carlin said...
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Anonymous said...

Of course the Bystander in Chief wouldn't go to Ft Hood when he has much more "important" campaigning to do for his Dem candidates.. just disgusting. In fact NO politician has made the trip that I know of.. WHY?

This newest tragedy has happened because Slick Willie Clinton thought having our troops unable to carry their own weapons would be safer if every military post is a gun free zone. Look what has happened.. Lightning has struck TWICE. These men and women are trained to use some of the deadliest weapons possible, yet can't legally carry their own legal weapon! This must change!

I especially loved the line about Owebama going to cemeteries to sign up voters.. Priceless!

Keep 'em coming... You're a breath of fresh air in a polluted atmosphere of political lies and bullshit. Well, election day is coming.. Time to clean house!!

PS, I live in Las Vegas, H.Reid is NOT our friend. He's just a sell out!

A Modest Scribler said...

Re your " bystander in chief" may be more appropriate, Anon...whenever the Obummer has been called on to lead, he has indeed "stood by" and did nothing. Thanks for your comments.