Monday, April 14, 2014

Cliven Bundy And The Militia's Government "Beef"


I'm having a hell of a time trying to puzzle out this week's Bureau of Land Management-Militia skirmish up in Nevada.  There seem to be no good guys in this.  Rancher Cliven Bundy had not paid his cattle grazing fees on public land since 1993, as some 16,000 other ranchers comply with.  I've pored through news reports from both the left and right and found that the BLM had tried to affect a settlement with Bundy before finally taking him to court and winning the decision.  So it seemed the feds were in the right to take some course of action to bring this problem to resolution.

The story becomes a little more complicated as another report suggested Dirty Harry Reid, reaper of millions accrued by using his legislative authority to enact federal law favorable to his pals, had another pal ready to enrich both he and his son for evicting Bundy's cattle on at least part of that BLM land so that it could be used for commercial purposes.  I have not seen enough information to confirm that but, knowing Dirty Harry's past ways, it is certainly in keeping with his modus operandi (google how Harry became a multi-millionaire by accepting real estate in return for favored legislation).  

The BLM, using gestapo tactics certainly didn't help the situation up in Nevada.  Reports of the initial skirmishes indicate government feds were violent, threatening and intimidating, contributing mightily to the escalation of tempers.

I guess what I don't understand is why the militia types chose this particular incident to draw a line in the sand against government bullying.  Just days before Americans will write some $2.5 trillion in IRS tax payments why the hell aren't Americans assembling by the tens of thousands to protest massive government waste, fraud and abuse?  Why aren't thousands of Americans lining up and driving a wedge right through those illegal Mexican street marchers demanding citizenship?  Why aren't Americans by the thousands standing outside their local hospital and burning their Obamacare premiums in protest of the massive government intervention into our personal lives?

Most folks don't know that the Boston Massacre was really brought about by a crowd of rock-throwing youths who forced the Redcoats to fire on the crowd in a desperate effort to defend themselves.  Will this Bundy incident prove to be similar in its disassociating from what is really bugging Americans about their government?  Is this the first skirmish in the 2nd Civil War which I predicted two years ago?  Will tempers flare even higher when a force of Homeland Security goons gun down a mob of unruly Americans?

Obama's mainstream "Pravda", his own propaganda arm, will surely group this little government "beef" with the Tea Party...simply another group of wild eyed radicals that refuse to accept Obamacare, illegal Mexicans and rising taxes.  Perhaps they'll succeed in branding these militia types as random clowns that the great Obama has to deal with.  It remains to be seen if this little skirmish was simply a chance to blow off a little steam at an oppressive government or if it is the first sign of fever for an America that has grown tired of government bullying.



Craig Bailey said...

It is not over.tThere is a video on Live Leak where a rancher discusses this and related stuff, my favorite quote:"They will fire the next shot heard around the world,We will fire the rest" in reference to a second revolution.

A Modest Scribler said...

Still don't get it, Craig. I can think of far better excuses for Americans to get hot about than a rancher who didn't pay his rent. Probably actually hurts the cause of folks who fear and fight big government.

Anonymous said...

No black and white here only many shades of gray. Your assessment of the 2nd Civil War is correct. We are overtaxed and abused by the feds more and more, its a matter of when, not if. Hang on forthe ride, it is about to get very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am leery of insurrection against the United States of America, one nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all. Unless Mr. G. Beck leads the troops, then I'm all in! Or Rush. Rush can lead the troops too.