Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Profitable Pity


Never let it be said that pity is not profitable.  No where is this more evident than with the ultra-liberal Gannett Company.  For those of you whom the name Gannett doesn't ring a bell, this is the media giant that produced America's first "cartoon newspaper", USA TODAY.  

Last year Gannett made $2.2 billion dollars.  They own some 600 newspapers and print publications across the nation as well as dozens of TV stations.  And they have done more for liberal socialism than any politician could ever hope to do.  

You see, Gannett deals in pity.  They use the monstrous power of their media foot print to publish a very narrow swath of news coverage that champions big government power and the great crusading for "victimhood".  And when the facts get in the way, they just print the myth, as long as it complies with their editorial position.

What is their editorial position?  Well, at the moment it is open borders/amnesty for 30 million illegal invaders.  And they employ the massive strength of their hundreds of newspapers that serve as their propaganda arm of their liberal media empire.  For example, the once independent Arizona Republic newspaper here once dared to report the news in a fair and objective manner.  However, once Gannett bought them out they set about trying to convert a conservative state into liberal zombies who will swallow their gruel.  Sadly, for Gannett, they are sailing against strong head winds as more than 70% of the state is conservative.  Readership of The Republic has plunged as Arizona readers have gagged on liberal editorials, an army of left wing columnists, with two token conservative writers who most often are given one little two inch block to offer a conservative thought or two.

So we Arizonans are hammered with sob story after sob story about illegal deportations, the tragedy of illegal arrests for ID theft, a decade long campaign against Sheriff Joe Arpaio...and a little news censorship when the 80% Hispanic crime reports are printed...while other news sites will print the victim's name, if its a Hispanic they try to suppress that little tidbit of info.  I once published a comment on their site, showing several identical crime reports, one from an objective news source, and one from the Republic, and the evidence was stark; the Republic clearly suppressed criminal information, even if doing so presented a threat to the community. 

And Gannett does this same type of stuff in their other major newspapers across the country...these local papers get their marching orders from McClean, Virginia and that's that.

However, not satisfied that the local paper was doing enough to advance their socialist agenda, Gannett has dramatically transformed the Arizona Republic's format just weeks ago....they meld sections of USA Today into the local paper, and boy is it loaded with sob stories.

Just this morning I was reading a Gannett piece about starvation in American.  Gannett claims that 44 million Americans are "food insecure"...that these folks are not getting enough to eat.  Well, Gannett must have a lot of faith in the zombie KOOL-AID because they profiled two families to make their point; one White, one Black....and guess what?  The pics clearly show four of the five in that White family are clearly obese, the one exception a little girl who hadn't learned to pack away a Big Mac combo with relative ease.  The Black family was no different; the mother was morbidly obese, was being embraced by two roly poly daughters.  But don't take my word for it...look for yourself...or stand outside any public school in the nation and tell me our children are starving. ...or walk into your local Walmart and tell me how many folks you see who are malnourished.

But really, who can blame Gannett?  If money is always the prime motivator, and if you were making $2.2 billion a year selling pity, wouldn't you do it too?

I better stop now...I'm feeling a little pity for myself...and I don't make a dime from it.


Craig Bailey said...

Why is it that all the liberals point out the problems that could be helped with a little cash flow, but never want any of their cash diverted to help? Can you please send Sheriff Joe to Kalifornia.

Anonymous said...

Pravda is alive and well in our so called "republic", something tells me that we will not be able to vote our way out the mess!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Craig, Sheriff Joe turned 80 last June...he's pretty much settled on Arizona for his last years...and his office is elective so I doubt he could gain office in Kalifornia, even though he keeps winning office by over 70% over here....besides he likes scaring the 'bee-jesus" out of liberals when every four years he threatens to run for Governor.

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, I'm afraid you're right; the lame stream media in all its forms is indeed the "Pravda" of the liberal ilk.