Monday, April 28, 2014

News To Make Your Blood Run Hot & Cold


Anybody want to join my crusade to gut the IRS and implement a 10% national sales tax to replace your 1040's now?  Apparently it wasn't enough that the IRS was used as Obama's political arm to harass and stone wall legitimate conservative organizations last year.  And the fact that the IRS fails to collect over $350 billion annually in unpaid taxes.  Or that each year since 2009 the IRS has issued $11 billion in Child Tax Credit checks to illegal aliens...many of them even who had already been deported to Mexico!  Many more are not bothered that tens of thousands of federal prisoners received stimulus checks!  

No, there are still millions of you who blindly send the IRS a nice fat tax check every April 15th...then go on your merry way and never question where that money goes!

Well, we learned this week that a few million of those taxpayer dollars go to disgruntled and poor performing IRS workers who are given bonuses to brighten their mood...and if that doesn't do it the IRS wonks grant them a month or two of paid time off!

Congratulations taxpayers!  

If that little tidbit makes your blood boil a bit, here's one that will turn your veins ice cold:


The above graph shows where the heaviest incidence of Identification Theft is taking place.  Do I need to go into my illegal immigration rant for you to make the connection?  Well guess what; it's getting far worse than stolen social security cards and stolen credit cards.   The feds just reported this week that fully 43% of all Identity Theft is coming from the theft of your health records. seems that illegal Mexicans have found a way to get around Obama's Obamacare program.  It wasn't enough that Obama allocated $500 million dollars to establish medical clinics to treat illegal immigrants who don't qualify for, the illegals want a "Cadillac plan"; YOURS!  You see, now that illegals feel safe from deportation they have become rather tired of using the Emergency Rooms of America for their routine care.  And Obama is not building those illegal clinics fast enough.  So Jose is now stealing your medical identification and using it to get costly surgeries and other hospital and specialist care.  

How are they doing this?  Well the FBI says the big criminal cartels are simply hacking into hospital and medical center records and taking all they need.  They then mass manufacture social security, medicare and private insurer health cards and sell them to anyone who needs a heart transplant or gall bladder surgery or other health treatments.    The rogue Mexicans are simply paying off a health care clerk in your local doctor's office or clinic and she provides him all the documentation needed to run down to a shop in Maryvale, or Escondido, or West Sacramento, or Fresno or El Paso, or San Antonio who can issue you a phony state driver's license, social security card and the medical card you need to get treatment in any hospital in America!

But gets worse.  Medical care providers have been finding that the medical care provided to the medical ID thief has been entered into your medical records.  Health Care providers are now frightened to death that they are going to be sued for giving you two pints of A positive blood for that little operation you have scheduled...when YOUR blood type just happens to be O negative!  Or the Doc may just decide to remove that perfectly good kidney because the thief sharing your record is having trouble passing piss!  Or you go in for a heart stint and end up with a heart transplant cause Pedro's been eating too damn many enchilada combos!  

I had just finished reading this ominous news when I turned on the TV and they were conducting Senate hearings on the Obamacare's site design.  One of the Senators pulled up a slide that came directly from the's own site.  In tiny, tiny script, Obama's healthcare site says this:  "Users Must Note that they can expect no reasonable assurances that confidential information provided will remain confidential".

Obama's HHS rep stood open mouthed and speechless when asked if she knew that does not conform to federal HIPA confidentiality laws.  She said she was aware that the cautionary clause was included in the site but had no answers as to how they would protect confidential patient information.....she did say "well, we're working on that."

If that doesn't make your blood run cold you're not breathing.


Ken said...

This article literally made my stomach begin to feel ill. Where is the outrage by fucking americans?? There just doesn't seem to be anybody left who really gives a shit. I am not looking forward to my future as I'm sure I'm going to be living too long. More than ten years I think is too long now.
Keep up your great work here. I'll keep sending it out. Maybe someday we will get a rise out of somebody. You surprised at the Jeb Bush for prez idea. Let's just burn it all down.

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, need I tell you about the Fox news "man on the street" quiz yesterday? They asked questions from the test that immigrants must pass for citizenship...who's the VP? What year was the Constitution written?, name of the first President?...they couldn't answer.

Dumb and apathetic.