Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black Militants; Selective Amnesia


Even before the U.S. Justice Department arrived in Florida to investigate the Zimmerman-Martin murder investigation, even before we found out Trayvon Martin was on a drug suspension from school, Barack Obama uttered "if I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin".  Perhaps so, since Obama too has had his own history of drug abuse.

Even before an investigative Grand Jury could be named, even before we learned that Trayvon Martin had been caught by police with a bag full of stolen jewelry and burglar tools, Al Sharpton was calling him an honorable martyr.

Even before witnesses came forward to testify that Trayvon Martin was bloodying Zimmerman's nose and banging the back of his head on the sidewalk, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson were busy demonizing Zimmerman, who was the head of the Neighbor Hood Watch in his community.

Even before we learned that Trayvon Martin, in the last three years, has been involved with assaulting a school bus driver, posting "gangsta" images on his Facebook page and was caught spraying graffiti at his own school, the Black Panthers were in the streets demanding that Zimmerman be hunted down and beatened to a pulp.

All of the black militants have chosen to ignore the murder of the University of Mississippi white student by two blacks last week.

Sharpton and Jackson have failed to register their outrage at the blacks down in Georgia who set fire to a white youth in retaliation for the Martin death.

Sharpton and Jackson have said not a word about the three innocents gunned down in downtown Indianapolis on St. Patricks Day weekend.  Nor have they protested the handicapped girl in Kansas, beaten severely by black thugs.

Little Aliya Shell who was gunned down on the front porch of her home as Latino and Black gangs in South side Chicago is still waiting for Sharpton and Jackson to march in sympathy of her tragic death.

Go to any online newspaper reporting in Baltimore, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles or Detroit and read the overnight crime news.  You will find whites suffering both injury and death at the hands of Black criminals.

But you won't hear a peep about any of these tragedies emanating from the camps of Sharpton or Jackson or MSNBC.

Selective Amnesia.


Anonymous said...

That's cause Jackson and Sharpton have made their living by race baiting. If they can't make it look like whitey is oppressing the po black folk, they ain't interested.

Just a couple of unapologetic racists.

JustCommonSense said...

You said it best.

Anonymous said...

Where was Sharpton and Jackson when oj finally got his. Lying stealing welfare section 8 bums. threads cars trouble makers. IIs al you are DUMB DUMB DUMB.Go get the welfare check Just remember KARMA is a bitch.