Monday, March 19, 2012

Tim Tebow And The Triumph of Defeat

Previously posted on January:

Last week Tim Tebow pulled off a miraculous football playoff victory against a football dynasty that owns more than their fair share of Lombardi trophies.  As the home fans cheered his name he gave all the glory to his team and his God.  Prior to the game he took the time to run over to a fan section and embrace a young lady who was suffering from a brain tumor.

On Saturday night in New England the New England Patriots, and their highly talented quarterback, crushed the Denver Broncos and brought an end to Denver's Cinderella dreams.   Throughout the game New England fans taunted Tim Tebow.  "TEBOW! TEBOW!, they screamed, as the Patriot quarterback, with the talented arm, rich beyond anyone's dream, married to a fashion model, displayed a God-given talent on the football field.  Not once did Tom Brady drop to his knees to thank God for his talent...or to pray for the safety of his teammates for the duration of a violent game.

 Tim Tebow was the last player to leave the locker room following the game.  He stayed around to answer the media's call for answers as to Denver's loss.  Tim Tebow took responsibility for the defeat.  Before heading for the team bus Tebow stopped to visit with a young man suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

I could not have been more proud of Tim Tebow as he displayed grace and compassion in the face of defeat.  One of the things I've learned in my life is that we learn far more from defeat than we ever learn in our victories.  At one time in my life I made $120,000 per year and at another time I was homeless for a time.  I learned far more from a time when I was homeless and relied on stuffing reclaimed aluminum cans in a recycling machine for a meal.

Tim Tebow is 24 years old.  He has learned at an early age the triumph of dealing with defeat and for tempering pride in victory.  He is not a great quarterback and perhaps may never be one.  But Tim Tebow is a "champion" in life....and isn't that what's really important?

Post Script (19 March 2012):  Today came the news that Peyton Manning has signed with Denver.  Good for Denver, probably a good choice.  Tim will likely be traded or released and he'll have another mountain to climb.  That's okay,  Tim will persevere wherever he ends up, and he'll be an asset and a positive force for good.  Good luck, Tim!

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