Monday, March 12, 2012

"Grounds" For Divorce

Last month my Bunn coffee maker filed for divorce.  We had been together since 2004.  Then, one morning last month I got up, bleary eyed, only to discover the heat had gone out of our relationship.  After  eight years of giving me four cups of delicious coffee in less than two minutes the heating element apparently went out and left me in the cold.

I had two options as backup.  The cheap coffee pot that I had been using in my RV was sitting out in the garage.  My second option was a Keurig Classic that I had bought as a gift for someone else.  I had never been a fan of those K-Cups that run about a buck a cup; I thought they were silly.  However, I had scored a good deal on the Keurig Classic.  I found a  brand new in the box one selling for $60 dollars on Craig's List.  I was suspicious about the deal because this model retails new for no less than $100 dollars, plus tax and shipping.  But, because the lady selling was right here in Sun City, I called her and actually got the brand new Keurig for $40 dollars.  Having researched this on Amazon I was well aware of the kinky Keurig problems users have with the unit; i.e. not making a full cup, the need to de-lime the unit frequently, as well as consumer complaints about the cost of the K-cups.  But, hey, for $40 dollars I figured I would buy it.

So, with my Bunn on the outs, I decided to pull the Keurig out and give it a try-out.  Because I am retired military I can still shop in the military commissary and found that I could get the k-cups for about .50 cents a piece in a box of 12.  I picked up a couple of boxes, took them home and put my first k-cup in and hit the right buttons.  Nothing happened.  No water came out.  So, I got back to the owner's manual, find the customer service number and ring up the Keurig rep.  I describe the problem, and while I am manually going through the process on the phone, I nudge the unit about a half inch on the counter and, voila!, the unit kicks in and begins making coffee!  Shortest customer service call I ever made.

So, how's the Keurig working out?  Less than satisfactory.  First, the quality of the coffee, regardless of brand, is less than that given me in the Bunn coffee maker.  I found that the Newman's Own Decaf to be too weak for my taste.  The Green Mountain Coffee brands tended to taste like instant coffee, which I abhor.  I did find the Tully's coffee to be the best of the k-cups.

Too, the Keurig unit itself is finicky.  I have yet to get a full mug type cup of coffee from this unit, even when pushing the larger portion button.  While my Bunn, when operating, gave me the necessary 195 plus degree temperature for a well brewed and rapid cup of coffee, I suspect the Keurig does not.  The taste of the Keurig brew indicates the brew process is below par.

Also,  since my daughter and son-in-law include me in subscription delivery of Peete's Coffee, Goruda blend, I wanted my Peet's coffee, which is not available in the K-cups.  Ever prepared to find solutions I found a little company that makes an insertable generic k-cup in which you can put your ground coffee of choice and run in the Keurig.  I found the Eco-brew generic cups on Amazon and ordered a pair of them.
After receiving them I filled it with Peet's coffee and ran it through the Keurig.  While the coffee was okay, the Keurig still does not give me that rich and aromatic cup of coffee that the Bunn provides.

So, here I am, just "settling" for less at the moment.  I'm cruising the internet for some  promotion or some discount sale on a new Bunn coffee pot.  Since they run about $150 bucks I'm willing to wait for a bargain.  I'll be in "wedded bliss" when my Bunn and I are once more reunited.   When it does, I'll "file for divorce" from the less than satisfactory Keurig.  She had her chance to make me happy and she always left me cold and yearning for more.



Darlene said...

I feel so bad for you!!! I LOVE my Keurig! Sorry yours has left you wanting,, ;(

JustCommonSense said...

That story had a happy ending, as of this week! My daughter bought me a new Bunn coffee maker for my birthday so I'm back enjoying the best coffee in the world!

Anonymous said...

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