Thursday, March 22, 2012

When Will Whites Learn To Play "Victim?"

                              6-year old Aliya Shell; Gunned Down In South Chicago                

I detest the "cop wanna-be" Mr. Zimmerman down in Florida who gunned down 17-year old Trayvon Martin.  So do most Americans.  However, I also have a problem with how quickly the Black community will don the martyr's robes and take to the streets when one of their own is killed by a white man, yet totally ignore the far greater problem of Black violence on America's streets.

Yesterday, Perpetual Whiner, Al Sharpton led a Black protest in New York against the Florida police dragging their feet on arresting Zimmerman.  This morning brings news that Blacks will lead a protest down in Zimmerman's own community.  That's fine, as far as it goes.  But I want to know this:

1) Last weekend, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, urban black criminals gunned down three people in the streets of Indianapolis.  I see no Black march to protest against those black thugs.

2)  These past months in Phoenix street warfare between Blacks and Latinos have resulted in numerous innocents being shot as they were caught between the warring gangs.  I see no national TV coverage of this, nor have I seen a single Black Marcher parading their indignation at this senseless violence.

3) Last weekend, on Chicago's South Side,  Latino and Black gang members shot 23 people on a single weekend.  One of those bullets killed 6-year old Aliya Shell as she sat on her front porch as her mother was working to untangle a knot in her lovely curley locks.  Al Sharpton and other Blacks have no plans to march down the streets of south side Chicago to protest this senseless killing.

It should be noted that, when one googles "Southside Chicago Shootings" one finds dozens and dozens of local news reports of endless Black and Latino shootings.  None ever make the national news.

It should also be noted that Southside Chicago is where a certain "Community Organizer" began his political career by trumpeting the "victimhood" of blacks and ignoring the white victims of that same Black neighborhood.

I'm guessing that, until Whites are willing to march in the streets in protest of the explosive Latino and Black violence, we'll continue to be caught in the crossfire.  It seems that "victimhood" gets the news coverage and Blacks will only take to the streets in protest when the perpetrator is white.

Post Script:  We have now learned that witnesses saw Trayvon Martin attack Zimmerman.  We have now learned that Martin was in the area after a drug suspension from school.  We have now learned that in the last three years Martin attacked a school bus driver, was caught with stolen jewelry and break-in tools and was caught defacing public property with graffiti gear.  But we didn't hear it from Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, or MSNBC, did we?  A black martyr?  I think not.

BTW, We are not seeing the Lamestream media covering this one:

We also have seen no mainstream news reports after two blacks killed a white student at the Univ. of Mississippi, or the handicap girl in Kansas beaten by black youths in retaliation for the Martin incident, nor have i seen a single national story about the black gang who set another white  youth on fire in retaliation for the Martin incident.

Sad, Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

this shit really does make you think.


JustCommonSense said...

Anon, according to the Crime Victimazation Survey, conducted by the Justice Department, Blacks make up 13% of the U.S. populace, yet commit nearly half of all murders. I don't see Sharpton or Jackson marching against these Black criminals.

Anonymous said...

I agree... a certain black man, should be taking care of this and many other of OUR countries problems, but he is too busy off somewhere putting the good old USA down to another country to make himself look good & praying to his muslim leader.

Anonymous said...

Al and his other cronies
only go where the money is, haven't you seen that over the years.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about blacks killing blacks. Hope it continues!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know if your facts are proven or not. But I will say you are 100 percent correct. There is racial violence spread across the nation.It is senseless! In my school years I had to fight often for the simple fact that I was white. Honestly I wish white people would march. Where's Rodney King now?

Anonymous said...

Wow i can't believe its coming to this

blkjedi954 said...

Well you morons are soooo motivated by your prejudice that the obvious escapes you. The thugs that gunned down those people on the streets did what THUGS DO!! Kill indiscriminately. How does that justify a justice system allowing for the murder of young black children by alleged upstanding citizens and/or the enforcers/cops themselves??? How you simpletons mix apples and oranges is beyond me. Just shows the mental acrobats entitled self-righteous megalomaniacs will take to make such a asinine and tenuous point. Sad day in America!!

blkjedi954 said...

Thank God such mental midgets aren't allowed in the law making process. Fortunate as this is, they are still allowed at the lower end of the spectrum, bestowed with enforcing these laws which manifests itself as police brutality and/or police cover up and corruption. It's rampant. Again, black on black crimes is irrelevant when discussing the gross application of the law by local law enforcement and racial profiling by Zimmerman which led to Treyvonne's demise. Please address the issue at hand and not your personal prejudices and superiority complexes.

Anonymous said...

Personal prejudices? REALLY?? How is it that every time a shooting takes place it is, ten to one odds, a black pulling the trigger? We all are tired as heck of hearing about the unjust way the black community is treated. Y'all bring it upon yourselves. Thugs doing what thugs do HAHAHA that is a lame excuse if I have ever heard one. they just can not stand that some people have and some have not. So that opens them up to take what they want, which can end up in a death. The perpetrator does not discriminate, the bullet has no morals, I feel we need to go to "eye for an eye" justice. You want to take what I worked for because you are too lazy to get an education or a job, Try it. I am a true American and will use the "castle law" to its extreme if I need to.

Anonymous said...

Sadly enough, the truth is blacks do commit a lot of crimes. Certainly you CAN SAY that it's because of a lack of education, poor neighborhood etc etc. But it doesn't matter WHY they commit the crimes. I live in Miami and in a predominately hispanic community STILL blacks commit most of the husband was shot by two black kids trying to steal his car. He was at a light and they deceided they wanted his car and just shot him..he was shot in the leg while he was GETTING out of the car to give it to them and they still shot him anyway.

JustCommonSense said...

Anon, I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's shooting and your loss at the hand of black thugs. Sadly, this story repeats itself hundreds of times a day in America. And you're not likely to get any sympathy from Sharpton or Jackson either.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Tori said...

What I find disturbing about this blog, is the lack of supported EVIDENCE. Let's be clear: your claims are an underlying rhetoric of "reverse racism", a ridiculous smokescreen used since the Civil Rights Movement. Racism isn't just about "hating Blacks, etc." it's about the POLITICAL, FINANCIAL, & LEGAL oppression of the poor & people of color by well-educated, politically powerful, & financially capable persons (White & otherwise). YES--Blacks commit crimes, but CHECK YOUR FACTS--White people get arrested # TIMES MORE OFTEN, but Blacks make up roughly 66% of the total prison/jail/SuperMax population. Blacks make up 13% of the U.S. population, & while crime is an unfortunate product of "ghettoization", it doesn;t explain TREYVON MARTIN's MURDER!! Stick to the point, folks. What does graffitti have to do with being murdered while UNARMED? Are you saying being suspended from school (Zimmerman was UNAWARE of this information during the incident) warrants murder? Treyvon martin's parents didn't know where he was for 3 DAYS!! The Police didn't CALL HIS CELL PHONE TO LOCATE HIS PARENTS! That IS unjust. Don't make this about the "evils of Blacks". The Chicago shootings (if indeed "23" did in fact occur as you say), have NOTHING to do with Trayvon. Race relations won't get better by finger pointing. Ever.

Tori said...

For those who want to actually enlighten themselves, I recommend "White by Law" F. Ian Heaney, the essay "Whiteness as Property" (sorry, author's name escapes me), "Caliban's Reason" by Critical Race Theorist Henry Paget, & anything by Dr. Kathryn Russell a prominent criminologist & lawyer and also Tim Wise. He's just awesome. Period.

That being said, while I am a Black female, raised in the 80s in Brooklyn, NY in the projects--I have LIVED the "black-on-black violence" mentioned in many posts above--I acknowledge BOTH sides of the isle. Yes, the ghettos of America are filled with hopelessness, crime, poverty, & hustlers. But NOT EVERY Black youth is a criminal. Treyvon Martin's suspension doesn't warrant him being shot by a CIVILIAN who was TOLD BY POLICE NOT TO FOLLOW Trayvon. If an unknown person followed you in a car, then jumped out after you, did NOT identify themselves as a Police Officer, what WOULD ANY OF YOU DO???
Let's use common sense here. He begged for his life, that fact is irrefutable. Regardless of Sharpton's involvement--Zimmerman should've been arrested. Period.
This case smells of Emmitt Till & the thousands if not millions of Blacks (especially males) that have been targeted, brutalized, & murdered by anti-Black vigilantism. Educate yourselves better on this country's HISTORY after slavery. Reconstruction, Jim Crow segregation, & the CRM.
In order to see the picture, we must also remove ourselves from the frame. Education is the key to the end of race baiting & blame. This rant on this blog is no better than Sharpton's claims of racist police.

JustCommonSense said...

I Find that you perfectly fit the typical liberal apologist for blag thugdom. Indeed, it is liberals like you that have perpetuated the "victim" myth that has served as apologia for the explosive growth in black violence and for phonies like Sharpton and Jackson to exist on the national stage.
You dare to cite my lack of "proof" in the citation of these black crimes when, in fact, all one need do is consult the applicable crime reports on St. Patricks Day weekend! You choose, instead, to accuse me of racism because I dare tell it like it is.
You cite several "authoritative references" to explain why blacks commit crime and subtly suggest they should be forgiven for it. I choose to lend more creedence to the lady who had her husband shot (SEE Comments) or even my daily newspaper!
I am not racist but neither will I provide "cover" for three generations of "Great Society" deadheads who have sucked on the public teat for fifty years in lieu of opting for an education and a job. We have several million fresh Asian immigrants who have shown you can start with nothing and achieve great things..simply by putting forth an effort.
It is the liberal apologists like you who give a significant portion of the black populace who find it easier to make excuses, cry racism, cry victimhood, rather than stand on your two feet and be a positive force rather than a constant drag on our society.

JustCommonSense said...

Forgot to add the obvious question: Where is Sharpton and Jackson when Blacks kill Blacks? We ask that question all the time and never get an answer. Where is Sharpton and Jackson when whites are raped and murdered by Blacks?
Even the President is doing his best to create class warfare, and, instead of bringing us together, he now sees his only hope for re-election is to drive a violent wedge between race and economic class and demonize anyone who opts to believe in traditional American values.
He said "if I had a son, it would be Trayvon". To which I say, if you read Trayvon's filth on his Twitter page, if you look at his violent and criminal past, it would seem astounding that Obama, and millions of Black screamers would claim Trayvon as a "model" for black youth. But then Blacks have never seemed to take to anyone who challenges them to stand up and take responsibility for their lives; those like Bill Cosby and Thomas Sowell. Sad, Damned Sad.

Anonymous said...

I think all of you are ignorant.... whether black or white or tucking yellow.... no one is responsible for a persons thoughts or actions... don't hate blacks because a lot of blacks commit a crime hats the dumb ass blacks that commits the crimes..... I'm black and my friends are 90% white.... white people are just more analytical and I love that about them.... but dosent mean you cant have a sensible black as well..... I say screw any and everybody who commits crimes whether we are black or white.... because all races commit crimes.... just some more than some.... d-_-b smh

Anonymous said...

Very sad to read the comments on here. The one thing that bothers me most is that on both sides of the argument, people are trying to justify violence. This all will never end. I keep it simple:

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not represent my household so stop with the assumptions that all blacks look up to these two idiots.

All races committ crimes. Stats vary from community. I live in a middle class southern neighborhood and the kids causing the trouble here are the white kids while the kids across town in lower income areas are black or mexican.

Last but most importantly, there is a recorded conversation with Zimmermon being asked if he is following this kid. What was his answer and the operator's response? Why is no one speaking on that? Facts!!

As for the question where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when it is black on black crime, I think it's a valid question. They love attention when it is good for them. But as I stated, they are not great figures in my household. They do not represent all blacks.

George Z. was wrong and it is all on tape. But you all are also wrong for being filled with so much hate instead of facts. That child's school record has nothing to do with him being followed and killed. Screw racists, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the KKK. All are a bunch of bottom feeders in life. We will never have change among the races. God Bless us all. Oh and yes I am a black woman with two boys.

JustCommonSense said...

Dear Anon
Thanks so much for voicing your opinion on this matter. I hope you read my blog and can understand that I did not condone Zimmerman's behavior.

I believe you when you say that there are problems on both sides.

I must tell you that, in all the boards I've read, in all the letters to the editor written I never hear Blacks speaking out against the Sharpton and Jackson. I have never heard Blacks speak out against the latest hate speech and threats from the Black Panther party and, except for Bill Cosby and Thomas Sowell I never hear Blacks rising up and condemning all the Black on Black crime. All I hear are excuses as to why they behave as they do; i.e. poverty, drugs, lack of educational opportunities, etc.

It is time for African Americans like you who raise holy hell with Blacks! Tell them that they must stand up and be upright citizens and reject hate and violence.

I'll do the same, but I fear our President is promoting class and race warfare in a desperate attempt to rally minorities and get elected. He promised to bring us together but has done more to demonize anyone who disagrees with him than any President in our history.