Saturday, March 10, 2012

Taxpayers Pay For Free Abortions and Transgender Care For Illegals


Good Morning Folks,

If you're ever feeling a need for a little sado-masochism you may want to go online and review Obama's budget.  Don't be shy.  Obama often recommends that you go to and see how well he's managing your tax dollars.                                                

I've visited often and always find a program so wasteful and silly that I am assured again as to why I believe in limited government.

The one that just caught my eye was part of Homeland Security's Immigration and Naturalization's ICE Program.  (See the link below).  This particular source is ICE's Operation Manual which provides guidelines for the care and treatment of illegals.

When one opens up the "Medical Care" Tab of the ICE Operation Manual, one finds that you, the taxpayer, are required to pay for abortions for illegals held in U.S. custody.  You must also pay for a whole host of pre-natal care practices.  I have a problem with that, but not nearly the problem I have with the care and treatment of illegal transgendered prisoners.

The Obama administration has dictated that transgendered illegals who have been undergoing hormonal treatments to accelerate their sex change desires must continue to receive hormonal treatment while in ICE custody.

Need I even have to say it?  With $16 trillion dollars in debt, with American citizens in serious need, do we really need to be funding sex change support for illegal aliens?



Anonymoustransgirl said...

Not providing medically necessary treatment (as supported by the American Psychological Association and American Medical Association, among other professional orgs) to prisoners, would be cruel and unusual punishment.
Luckily for trans folks, whether something is medically necessary is based on research and evidence, not the whims of popular prejudice. :)

JustCommonSense said...

And, of course, if we taxpayers do not want to shell out $200,000 dollars for your procedures we are "prejudiced"...yeah..I get it if we don't like Obama or illegal immigration we are "racists". Yeah.