Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Epidemic of Liberalism


I've come to believe that liberalism is a disease. The national discussion is no longer a debate about how to resolve our is an all out war on the truth. To wit, I was scrolling through FB this morning and found a post about demonizing Republicans for not lowering the interest on student loan rates. Not only is the post misleading; it also ignores the problems regarding student death entirely. With the exception of Keynesian economist Paul Friedman, every economist in the country has said our trillion dollar student loan debt is going to bring about the next economic collapse. 

And the crisis has worsened since Obama preempted the banks and having the federal government manage student loans. Barry has already implemented student loan forgiveness, lowered the interest rates and yet the cost of the government bureaucracy has only added to the student loan program woes. Each time student loans are made easier, our student youth, who haven't a clue about how to manage personal finances, get deeper in debt...they've simply got to have a nice apartment, and cool wheels and pizza five nights a week. While our generation at least worked part time, at McDonalds, or in the school bookstore, or in the campus cafeteria, students today don't feel much of a need to do so. And as student loans and grants have become easier to get the universities have responded by raising tuition rates. (A liberal will never acknowledge that tuition inflation has increased a hundred fold in the last twenty years...more than medical, or food, or even fuel costs!)

As a result of this laxity in administering student loans, our kids think it is perfectly fine to pursue a degree in "gender studies" or "basket weaving for the minority oppressed", neither of which will win them a job in today's economy. So little Johnny and Joanie go home and live in mom and dad's basement. And if they take a job at all it will have nothing relevant to their degree, and most probably in the fast food industry where, failing to get a degree that works, are forced to march in the streets and demand $15 dollars an hour to flip burgers.

And yet, here's one of my friends posting this morning about those mean old Republicans not being willing to have the taxpayer pay even more to offset the failures of both student and nanny government. And this person was a 4.0 student in high school! What happened? Did he succeed in learning his lessons by rote and never was challenged to think?

I have a theory about that too. First, we might attribute the shallowness of his thinking to not being able to think "linearly"...not being able to see "cause and effect"...perhaps the synapses in the brain aren't firing properly. Or perhaps he went to a liberal school and became indoctrinated into the world of liberalism when he was but a young lad, impressionable and malleable. And, perhaps most frightful, that person stopped opening a book, stopped reading on the day they awarded him a diploma. Since the day they awarded him his diploma the world has changed, moved on, and sadly he's still stuck at Woodstock. I will admit it's much easier to think and live that way....just not very realistic.

A thinking person can pursue any issue, argue the facts, and a liberal will, instead of arguing facts, will either crawl into their little womb of denial, or they will choose to present false assumptions to bolster their arguments. Thus, if you object to paying for birth control, or if you object to abortion, you are on the front line of the "war on women".

If that $20 trillion dollar national debt bothers you, rest assured that a liberal doesn't even give it a thought. If you really challenge on liberal on excessive government spending he will say "tax the rich". Amusing but pointless. A couple of years ago Forbes ran the numbers on taxing the rich. They found that if we confiscated 100% of the wealth of the 1% it wouldn't fund the government for three months. But, hey, "tax the rich" works for the libtards...and don't confuse them with the numbers!

Perhaps the greatest tragedy about liberalism is that they are cowardly and immoral...and oh so politically much so that when they see wrongs, and even when they know someone is wrong, or even evil, they will deny it because it just doesn't jive with their own personal and political philosophies.

And liberals are winning the day because denying awful truths, and simplifying, and withdrawing from reality, is the much easier road to travel. And liberals are winning because they have found out how to buy political power with our tax dollars.

Maybe liberals just never grew up. Maybe they were spoiled by The Greatest Generation and thought their life would always be blessed by a handout.

So, while I'm not much enamored of today's Republican party (they are more liberal than what Democrats were twenty years ago), I find there are still a few "truth tellers" and a few folks that understand the gravy train is running out of gravy.

So, I award the "llbtard of the day trophy" to the fellow who posted the cute little cartoon demonizing Republicans for looking at the balance in the federal checkbook.

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Frank K said...

That cartoon falls right into line with all Liberal thinking. Blame someone else. That is their motto, that is their mantra. It's easier than having a conscience.