Sunday, July 5, 2015

Breaking News


Breaking News
Dateline 5 July, 2015 (NYC)
(AP) Stephen B. Burke, Chairman and CEO of NBC/Universal announced today that, effective Monday, 6 July, 2015, NBC News and NBC Entertainment will no longer broadcast images, speeches, or political opinion regarding conservative political issues. Burke further declared that NBC is culling its current entertainment programming package to eliminate shows which might reflect detrimentally on gays, Hispanics, or liberal politicians. 
Accordingly, The Most Reverend Al Sharpton will take the helm of "Celebrity Apprentice", "A.D. The Bible Continues" will be cancelled because it perpetuates outmoded religious principles not in keeping with today's secular American audience. "Blacklist" will also be shown the door because the term "Black" itself is pejorative and may lead some viewers to perceive African Americans in a negative light. 
Burke stated that, in keeping with NBC's "Lean Forward" campaign they will no longer provide coverage of the Republican National Convention nor any of the Republican debates. Burke stated that far too many of the Republican candidates hold political and social views not in keeping with the network's liberal moral standards, nor that of its viewers.
NBC also announced that it is relaxing its policy on news anchors making political donations to Democratic candidates. Burke was quoted as saying "in today's world we believe our outstanding news journalists should enjoy the freedom to donate to the Democratic political candidates of their choice without worrying about restrictions on pursuing their liberal political beliefs.
In the wake of Donald Trump's criticism of some illegal Hispanics as being rapists and murderers, Burke issued a forewarning to anyone who opts to denigrate undocumented immigrants; "Our corporate culture and corporate policy will no longer tolerate criticism of the Hispanic culture, whether legal, or "undocumented" as that kind of language is offensive to our NBC Univision viewers."
"Comcast/NBC Universal looks forward to advancing the social agenda of America today." Accordingly, our news and entertainment divisions will do all we can to promote positive images of the LGBT community, work to relax immigration restrictions at our southern border, and, here to fore will no longer tolerate the prejudicial views of the religious right nor any conservative political opinion that is abhorrent to our corporate culture."


Anonymous said...

This is a joke right?


Steve in Las Vegas said...

This is the proof the lamestream media is truly biased to the liberal left. Now it will be nothing more than PC propaganda. This rash decision may blow up when other networks get the good programming and shows. There may be some advertisers who will disagree with them and pull their dollars.
I won't watch anything on NBC, Especially since they hired that pompous ass activist, The Most Reverend Al Sharpton. 'The Most Reverend'... Thats a joke!

I guess the 1st Amendment stops at their front door. Oh well, there are plenty more much better networks to pick from!