Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Methane Madness


The Supremes have been busy this month....seconding Emperor Obama's Health care mandate, and declaring free speech on license plates not free after all.  They still have to rule on gay marriage.  

But the biggest ruling that's going to affect your pocketbook is the one being fought between the EPA and the coal industry.  Barry has said coal has to go.  Never mind that it still provides 67 percent of our energy's nasty and he doesn't mind us paying 300% higher electric bills.  Should the Supreme Court decide that the EPA's dictatorship over the nation's power source is valid, no one has been able to gauge the impact on consumer electric rates nor how big a hit our economy takes as factories are forced to pay triple digit increases for their power.  It will certainly generate inflation as those costs are passed on to the consumer, and it's not going to do a lot to help American companies compete in the world market.  

But, sadly, that's not even the worst news.  The EPA, already anticipating victory in the courts, have set their sights on the American beef industry.  How many of you know that cattle methane creates more pollution than all  the coal plants combined?

Well EPA has an answer for that as well.  They have been working with world environmental officials at the United Nations to halve beef production in the next ten years.   The United Nations has already declared the United States as a "major polluter" due to our substantial cattle production.  They have already declared that Americans must find alternatives to beef in their diet.  The chief "poobah" at the UN says Americans need to be consuming more grains and meat should be less than ten percent of our diet if the world is to be saved.  

(Of course, Congress, The Supreme Court, the leadership of the UN and the President will be exempt from these mandates.  Barry's got to have his hamburgs and Filet Mignon is still on the menu at the White House)

Any questions?  


A Modest Scribler said...

Since this was written The Supremes have put a damper on the EPA, a bit at least. They told EPA to go back and run a cost study to just see how quickly shutting down our coal based energy sources will cost. Too bad they didn't reject it entirely.

Frank K said...

The SCOTUS owes us a couple. Time for them to take Barry's cock out of their ass and show him that President does not = Dictator. He's going to throw a lot of shit at the wall these last 18 months and hopefully they'll help keep the sticky ones to a minimum... Excuse my French.

Brian Kalifornia said...

The EPA needs to shut down the White House, Congress and the House, because there is more bullshit coming from them then anywhere else.

Ken said...

My Father and I would talk about those whacko environmentalists always confidant that the leadership in our governments and the people who vote for those occupants of our highest offices would see to it that those whackos would never make it to positions of power over such policies. Then wasn't it the Nixon administration who gave us the EPA to see to it that our resources would be available for generations to come. Then for some reason the ERA was put in place around the same time, and along came a woman's right to choose. The only problem is they chose to abort all those with intelligence and common sense and keep the Jerry Browns around to make sure every ridiculous notion that crossed their minds during the Summer of Love would be enacted. LSD makes so many wild ideas really make sense. So many of our leaders now, spoke with a vile hatred of our country and its policies back in the 60's and 70's on the steps of Cal Berkeley and University of San Francisco. Jerry Brown is a governor adopting all the UN's Agenda 21 polices no matter what the cost or destruction to our infrastructure, Bill Ayers is introducing new courses in our children's schools like common core. When he was running with the Weather Underground blowing up congressional buildings and murdering our policemen we spoke of hatred for the man and prayed for his quick capture and execution, welcome to the new millennium. I don't know about constitutional law, but I am able to read the Constitution and make some sense of most it. Enough so that I am able to really question the decisions of Justice Roberts regarding obamacare and the latest Environmental decisions. Our supreme court was the last government branch left with any integrity, in my opinion but alas, now it seems they're for sale just like the rest of them.

It truly does break my heart to see how quickly this nation has been destroyed simply by people to lazy to work, to lazy to inform themselves so as to make an informed decision. Didn't they see the 95% voter turn out in Afghanistan while under the threat of a gun if they voted the wrong way? Doesn't any of these lazy bastards see what is happening in Greece and how close we are to sitting there right next to them? Sadly I think it's too late for us, I just hope my death is quick and I hope it takes place before we crash.

BTW, I sure enjoyed your column about Raymond Chandler. I've never read his books, but I sure enjoyed your enthusiasm for the man, and the quotes from his books. Could you please recommend your favorite Chandler book? thanks

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for your input, Ken. My favorite Chandler book is "Lady In The Lake". Beware; Chandler is not about plot so much...but nailing a "sense of place" this case 30's and 40's Los Angeles. And, like Robert B. Parker, I like Chandler's dialogue.