Monday, July 6, 2015

H.R. 40; Senate Bill To Pay Black Reparations


Every year since 1989, Senator John Conyers, a Black Democrat from Michigan has introduced H.R. 40, a bill that would pay reparations to Blacks today for the slavery that ended 150 years ago.  Conyers argued that paying every Black in America $200,000  dollars would go far in improving Black-White relations.  (I might argue that the $100 trillion of federal, state and municipal dollars we've already spent on the War on Poverty programs since 1964 just might be sufficient...43% of which was given out to Blacks in the form of welfare, Section 8 housing, free medical care, free school breakfast and lunches, in addition to billions spent on "urban renewal).  

But let's say Senator Conyers gets his way.  (In today's madness, he just might.)  In that case I wonder if we couldn't bill the Democratic National Committee for the cost of Black Reparations?  After all it was the Democrats who started the Civil War, it was the Democrats who held Blacks in slavery.  It was the Democrats who started the KKK and it was the Democrats who battled tooth and nail to stop the Civil Rights Bills of 1957 and 1964!  And it was a Republican President who signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

So, if we can ban a Confederate flag for the sins of our Southern ancestors, why the hell not punish the Democrats for their blatant opposition to Civil Rights.  Hell, I'd like them to pay reparations for the 600,000 men who died fighting the Civil War!  

So let's see if we can't get "billionaire through marriage to a pickle queen", John Kerry to kick in a hundred million.  And Bill and Hillary could kick in another $100 million from their slush fund.  Nancy Pelosi's husband is a billionaire banker from California so a $100 million from him wouldn't bust the bank.  Harry Reid made millions from shady real estate deals in exchange for favorable Senate legislation....let's hit Harry up for a donation.  And could we get Al Sharpton to pay up on his back taxes if we promised it would go toward Black Reparations?  How about liberal darling and multi-billionaire George Soros?  Wouldn't he kick in a billion or two?  

So, go ahead and pass H.R. 40 United States Senate!  But don't send me the ancestors were as poor as slaves themselves...just pitiful sharecroppers!  Nope...send the bill to the Democratic party and let them pay the bill!  Then, when they aren't voting to spend OUR money, let's see how excited they are about doling out their own!


Frank K said...

Yep. Like the saying goes. Democrats are great at spending someone else's money. Take the Clinton Foundation. You won't find a penny of Clinton money in there. They aren't about to give up a dime of what they pillaged and plundered for. Worked to hard for it. Had to kill to many people for it. Had to suck to many...well you get the point.

massai said...

You can play games with name and brand of racists, but they were the conservatives and reactionaries and that has run seemlessly throught the country and in the parties. And it is patently anti-Black, not racist. Anti- Black. A group that called themselves the democrats from the 1830s-1930s were home to it. Then, with a reversal of fortune the Same anti-Black ideology was maintained under the name of the alternative party, since there are only two choices. It damn sure did not go away. It, jumped parties. So if you are a Republican conservative--first cousin to modern democrat centrist like chuck robb, bruce babbitt, and bill and hill clinton--you are nothing but a modern twist on the old racism of the Jacksonian era (or pick any era in U.S. history). Stop playing name games and admit, it is conservatism that sourced the racism, conservtism in the usa is ONLY a reaction to Black peoples' presence and policy preferences; black conservatives are the laughable exception that prove the Rule.