Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Loony Tunes"


"Cariacature: make or give a comically or grotesquely exaggerated representation of (someone or something)."
Barack Hussein Obama was in Wisconsin this week. I saw the headline about it and immediately began to laugh and shake my head. Barry, with 17 months left, still "campaigning", the only thing he's ever shown he can do. Give the guy a stage and a teleprompter and wind him up and Barry will give his "stump speech", the one we've now heard for seven years. 
Leadership? Not so much. He's been to Capitol Hill about as often as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston get together. But Barry's great with "shuck and jive" and blaming Bush some seven years since he took the helm of the Presidency himself. The only jobs he's created is in the White House. He's enriched the White House travel office and, while Laura Bush had a staff of one, Michelle needs 22 to do the same thing. 
As indicated by his approval ratings, more than half of America have stopped listening to Barry. He should be thankful he's blessed with a liberal electorate either drunk on the Kool Aid, or so remarkably dumb they couldn't name the three branches of government if you spotted them Congress and The Supremes.
Just read that Barry authorized returning 13 tons of Iranian gold, even before any nuclear treaty is signed. And John Kerry's busy this weekend; giving "Monica Lewinskies" to the Iranian negotiators in hopes an accord can be struck before today's deadline, Barry's second "red line in the sand" drawn for his Muslim pals.
Meanwhile, Hillary is out campaigning in New Hampshire. She employed campaign aides to rope off your 5th Amendment press corp, keeping them far away from her lest they ask her a question about missing emails or Benghazi. That didn't seem to stop the crowd as they shouted questions at Hillary about both subjects all the way down the holiday parade route. 
Perhaps we can declare our Independence once again in November, 2016 and send Bill and Hillary back to rubber chicken circuit, hawking for more billions. Then we can all delight in watching the Mayflower Moving Van backing up to the south portico of the White House in January, 2017 and send Barry and Michelle back to Chicago where they can busy themselves registering Democratic voters from local cemeteries.


Old Bob said...

Right on the money! Thanks!

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, Bob. Good to hear from you.

Frank K said...

Time to start the debate on who to support for the 2016 election. Been doing a lot of reading and your Readers may roll their eyes but Donald Trump has started something and it's beginning to groundswell. An awful lot of Americans are agreeing with him in spite of all the flack he's taking. Macy's, NASCAR, the Pro Golf Tour are all going to take a hit. I won't use my Macy's card ever again, and the same will go for anyone who cuts ties with him. You're going to find these people changing their tune when the $'s stop rolling in. On the other hand, I don;t think he will be the Nominee. There's too much at stake for the Politicians(bribes, perks corruption)to let him become President. The Repubs will do all they can to keep him out. They don;t care that he would be the best thing to happen to America. He's a threat. Lot's of REAL people will vote for him, though. That's how I see it.

Ken said...

Very good call. As a caricature, maybe not exaggerated enough. It sure seems as though barry is running past red line taking as much of this country down before he has to step down. His possum faced wife is also working double time packing all the historical artifacts hillary and bill didn't pack up when they left. She will be at a Chicago drive in flea market selling it all in Spring 2017.

I love the "Kerry giving Lewinskies to Iranian leadership". Another "Modest Classic"!

I think maybe we should have a funeral at the end of those seventeen months, bidding goodbye to our great country, she will never be back.

Ken said...

Frank, I know I can't roll my eyes at that suggestion. Speaking of caricatures, Trump is his own greatest. I have a feeling Trump's campaign will run out of steam before long,sadly, but his brand of audacious speech sure is long past due. The loud voices of the Non Politically Correct mainstream America have been silence far too long for fear of the brands hung on them from the left upon opening their mouths. Many statistics were mentioned in one of these columns a while back as to who is really making policy and bullying this country. The numbers were frighteningly small. We used to be famous for our Big Balls, what happened to those I don't know, but we need a Donald to kick us all in those nuts and get us back on our hind legs with six guns in both hands. The asshole Karl Rove and his brand of politics has got to go, give me my country back, the sane one!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank, Ken, I agree with both of you. Trump won't get the nomination but he is at least raising issues that are not politically correct to main stream politicians from both parties. The Republicans and Independents in the "anyone but Hillary" crowd will swallow their distaste for a milk toast Republican nominee and vote for the most likely to beat Hillary. Can't blame them but I don't see anything turning the country around until we get a true revolutionary in power.