Friday, April 22, 2016

"We" Fired Curt Schilling


Baseball great Curt Schilling got fired this week. A baseball analyst with ESPN, Schilling offended the delicate sensibilities of the gay-worshipping, liberal Disney corporation who owns ABC and ESPN. Schilling's crime? He posted a tweet that said he doesn't want his daughter to have to share a bathroom with a transgendered man.

Get used to it folks. In today's America "freedom of speech" only applies if you agree with the liberal dictates. Rock stars and film stars are boycotting North Carolina..because they passed a law that says a man's "pee-pee" doesn't belong in a restroom that little girls frequent.

America has become a haven for the absurd, the "freaks", the "micro-minorities" who represent less than 1% of the nation's populace. Our founding fathers are being shoved off our currency because no one understands that George Washington refused a crown, that Alexander Hamilton created the national treasury, the American Navy and Coast Guard, the Customs bureau, penned 90 percent of the Federalist Papers, largely responsible for winning support for our revered American Constitution.

Instead, through this generation's total ignorance of our nation's history, and by owning the arrogance of judging our founders by today's "designer society" standards, the very people that founded a nation that prospered like no other in history, a nation that has been responsible for the liberation of tens of millions, that promoted freedom around the world, are "villains" and not heroes.

And, while I admire Harriet Tubman, we should not forget that President Andrew Jackson, whose gallantry in the War of 1812 is legend, and who once stood as the champion of the average citizen over big government, who only two decades ago was the Democratic Party's chief standard now shuffled to the ass-end of the $20 dollar bill (cause he owned slaves).

In a sense, ESPN didn't fire Schilling. We did...because we refuse to stage our own collective boycotts....of ESPN, or George Clooney, or Disneyworld and Disneyland and Disney movies, or quit buying records of "The Boss". That's the only way we'll ever get the attention of these liberal "social designers". That's the only way we'll ever get our country back....hit em in the pocket book and these liberal icons will swim back to mainstream America. Indulge them and your own right to express your personal opinion is "deal on arrival".

Our institutions..the very things that made us great...are crumbling before our very eyes. Our Congress is corrupt, our President is an arrogant tyrant, selectively enforcing only the laws he likes, our military is under assault, made weak and feeble, who now march under a rainbow flag, are persecuted for mentioning God in public or foxhole, and couldn't fight a major war should one come along.

And, after all this liberal social engineering, are we better off? Look around you. You tell me!


Frank Krzesowiak said...

Curt and I agree. No Johnson's in my Granddaughters bathroom. 12 year old was molested and now her life may be ruined. One incident of such is one too many.
And boycott is the way to go. when I see things such as this, my automatic response is "not going to get any of MY money". NBA is going to take the All Star Game away from North Carolina for passing a common sense law. Never going to a game again if they do it. Let the Liberals let their children pee with perverts. Not mine.

A Modest Scribler said...

Trouble is, Frank, that I already boycott Disney. Don't watch ESPN, ABC, or watch their movies. Don't go to Disney parks either. Have never attended an NBA game, don't watch it, and never owned an NBA T-shirt. And, although I've watched a George Clooney movie, I've never paid to go to one at the theater. I hope any of those who ARE enriching these libtards quit doing it.