Monday, April 4, 2016

"Sometimes You Just Gotta "Veg Out" From Politics"


You probably noticed that my blogs last week were largely non-political.  That was by design.  I simply could not take another Bernie Sanders tirade, another Hillary screech, or the tabloid fodder emanating from the Republicans.  I'm better than that....I don't need to muddy myself with the mudslingers

Donald Trump continued his vileness, his vulgarity, his ineptness on the specific of policy issues.  John Kasich continues on his Quixote-esque political tour, knowing he hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of winning the Republican nomination.  Ted Cruz spent more time talking about the National Inquirer and exchanging slings and arrows with Donald Trump, Bernie is basking in the glow of his socialist following, and the FBI announced that they are preparing for the "interrogation phase" of her email scandal.  (Anyone else would already be under indictment and well on their way to prison).

So, let's get this mess over with; let's either indict Hillary or crown her.  Let's either flush Donald Trump down the toilet (where he would be right at home), or hand him the reins for a resounding defeat come November.   Trump's "negativity polling" now shows he's hated by 73% of the electorate, up 11 points from February, and even those who were previously delighted with Trump's "apple cart mayhem" are tiring of his antics.

Oh sure, the media just loves this stuff.  Trump has gotten more free media exposure than any politician in history....prompting Barack Hussein Obama to issue a "media scolding" last week for giving 'The Donald" so much air time.  (And this came on the heels of Barry himself doing the "communist wave" at a baseball game and dancing the tango with one of Argentina's grander "socialista"  And, while taking a break from the tango, Barry said socialism and free market capitalism are the same thing...thus validating for the thousandth time that we've suffered under a socialist for these eight long years.

Meanwhile, radical muslims are blowing up folks in Brussels, murdering Christian kids celebrating Easter in Pakistan, Putin ordering up hero medals for his murderous troops in Syria, and, here at home, gas prices once more on the rise, consumer spending taking a nosedive and the GDP on the critical list.

So, yes, I'm tired of watching, and I'm tired of listening.  If or when Trump wins my party's nomination I'll move over to my other blog (The Good News Journal) and be content to write of the kindler and gentler things.

I see no hope for any of us.  If Trump wins we're finished.  If he doesn't win his massive ego will not be able to resist going 3rd Party...either way Hillary wins.  (Or maybe not; this political year has been so wacky the feds might surprise us and indict the bitch, giving Bernie a seat in the oval office.)

"Fasten Your Seat Belts...It's gonna be a bumpy ride" (Betty Davis..."All About Eve".



Jerry Carlin said...

Somehow I think we earned this and deserve what we get. Looking forward to your other blog!
My tomatoes are warm and strong in the greenhouse. It will be a good year!

A Modest Scribler said...

For ill or good, we certainly deserve whatever we get, Jerry. Experienced a little early morning salivation at the mention of fresh garden tomatoes. I've decided not to grow any (although my wife is caring for several cherry tomato plants)....I just got tired of fighting the birds every year for the "spoils". Have a great week.

Jerry Carlin said...

there is a secret to keep the birds away! they really do not like tomatoes but are after the moisture/water in them. install a bird bath and they will leave the tomatoes alone!

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for the tip, Jerry. Gonna have to test that out!