Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"You Can Still Find America...You Just Have To Look A Little Harder"


There are still farm families in Iowa, and in other places in the Mid-West, where farm families get up before dawn and milk the cows and feed the chickens before the sun comes up.

They sit down to breakfast, a heaping platter of bacon and eggs and fried potatoes before them...and never worry about our government masters' proscription against fat and cholesterol.

Then the kids go off to school, mother fires up the pressure cookers for a day of canning, and father hops on the tractor...which he'll ride until the sun sets on his corn fields.  In the evening they'll sit down together for supper, and after a meal prayer, put away a pot roast and fresh corn on the cobb (swimming in butter) and fresh made bread...and again ignore the national cholesterol guidelines the FDA provided to them last year.

After supper Ma and Pa might go over to the attend a PTA learn how their young are faring this school term.  On Friday night they'll attend the high school football game where "Jr." will score a touchdown or two and be cheered on by family and friends.  "Dad" will saunter down to the local bar and have a couple of beers, and soak up the praise for his son's football prowess.

And all across the Midwest, American life plays out in a comfortably serene manner.  These folks work hard and don't "overthink" things.  They can't begin to understand the national headlines...of Ferguson, or Detroit, or Baltimore, or of Latin gangs in Los Angeles.  And they can't even imagine the concept of 47% of Americans who live off the political favorings of big government...they've always worked hard for everything they've received and can't imagine getting something for nothing.

And the "human fruit" of the Mid-West still provides the only stability we have left.  I have business friends who say they like to hire Mid-Westerners because they are honest and work hard, having never learned the art of gaming the system.

I really miss "small town America".  We used to have that...even in the West.  I grew up in a little town in the central valley of California...a town with a population of a few thousand..and yet we lived in the safety and security of a community where everyone gave something of himself to make that community work.  Thanks to the blossoming of drug use, and illegal immigration, and a government that rewards sloth, that little town is now infested with gangs, crime, graffiti strewn about town, and doors you lock and windows you jam...even during the day.  The schools are failing...producing illiterates hell bent on either gaming the government or any potential employer..and demanding a minimum wage that is neither justified, nor earned.

And my little home town is not an isolated tragedy...7 of the nation's most crime infested cities now come from cities in the valley I grew up in.  And we only need to look at our big cities to see the massive plague of a nation in crash mode.

It's getting harder and harder to find America these least the America that led the world in innovation and prosperity and societal harmony.  The Mid-West seems to be the last bastion of an America that I grew to love and respect.  

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Ken said...

I am truly in love with small town middle state America. With all their beliefs and politics in line with mine and what used to be the United States. I just saw a map reflecting the results of the polling of who wants syrian refugees. It seems nearly everyone with the exception of only the coastal states chooses to lock them out. Weird, but that's the way it is now.
All that is swell but aren't most all the farm states very heavily subsidized by the govt. Farm subsidies to not grow, to grow, what to grow and just plain kickbacks from your congressmen.

A Modest Scribler said...

You are correct on the subsidies, Ken, particularly for the ethanol boys.

Ken said...

From what I read on the ethanol front is that it is no more than the biggest environmental PC hoax ever. Complete non starter. Cars don't perform better, crop distribution becomes out of balance due to those big subsidies that really make it far more costly than oil. The reading I've done has mentioned a very destructive practice of stripping jungles all over the south Pacific islands and South America to grow corn for ethanol is causing irreversible damage to several of those islands. I also hear Dianne Fienstien and Nancy Pelosi have made it very easy for their husband's companies to make a lot of money from this destructive practice. They kill us here in California with environmental oppression while destroying some the world's most beautiful island paradises to line their own pockets!!