Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Big City Values Week"


At the Republican debate the other night "The Donald" scored big with his liberal friends when he used the tragedy of 9/11 to defend against Ted Cruz's attack on Trump's "big city values".  Trump talk about how New York magnificently re-built after the downing of the Twin Towers.

Of course, what Trump didn't say was that "We" rebuilt New York City...the big "WE", as in U.S. taxpayers as George Bush committed $100 billion of taxpayer rebuild infrastructure, to cover the medical bills of first responders, to cover all the many lawsuits, many fraudulent, of those who claimed they were somehow damaged by the tragedy.

So, it wasn't "New York values" that rebuilt after 9/11.  It was taxpayers in Iowa and Idaho and Phoenix and Toledo who paid the bills.  It was all those "small town values" that offered the compassion for rebuilding.

And I would argue that, if New York values are so damned great, how come people are leaving both the city and the state in literal droves....fleeing a high tax, over regulated state where the government model is not working, where the former mayor was more concerned about 16 ounce sodas than he was about crime, where the current mayor has just this week forced the NYPD to delete all investigative records of potential Muslim terrorists because it's politically incorrect to profile Muslims.  

And shall we champion the "New York Values" of those Wall Street barons who "penny flipped" the nation's mortgages, trading them like monopoly money, and brought the nation to it's financial knees just eight years ago?  

It should be noted that Ted Cruz is not the first politician who challenged "New York Values".  Who can forget President Ford, in 1975, refusing to bail out bankrupt New York after years of liberal mayors running the city's finances into the ground...such that their municipal bonds were worthless, sending their pols to Washington with hand out for a multiple billion dollar rescue.

While Ford finally did come up with some rescue funds, the loan came with some pretty hard spending restrictions...things like forcing the city to quit giving their garbage workers 10% annual pay raises and funding their gambling trips to Atlantic City, and forcing the city to live off their revenue.

Alas, we have retrogressed a bit.  New Yorkers, as in Greece, believe they are entitled to board the government gravy much that they make Greece Socialists look like small timers.  Or look at Baltimore where Black leaders, taking their cue from 50 years of Black corruption in Detroit, are overseeing the death of that city too.  And, speaking of Detroit, let us not forget last year's ultimate silliness when Detroiters stepped right over the state and federal government and sent a delegation to the United Nations with a plea for UN oversight over their municipal woes.  The Blacks in Detroit told the UN that they shouldn't have to pay their water and electric bills...claiming free water and power was a "human right".

And how those "big city values" viruses are spreading across America.  Just this week Angelinos are celebrating Governor Brown's signing into law legislation that makes it legal for illegal Mexicans to vote in state wide elections using their state granted illegal driver's licenses.

Nope...those "big city values" are not doing us much good...they are destroying what's left of the America we grew up in.  Once again Ted Cruz is right...and Donald Trump is wrong.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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