Friday, January 15, 2016

Barry's Last SOTU


No, I didn't watch Barack Hussein Obama's last SOTU last night.  I reached the gag factor on Obama about the middle of 2009.  However, I did watch after the see what the media pundits would have to say about "dear leader".  And, in one of those 30 second sound bites, I saw Obummer leaning casually on the podium of "the people's house", sounding arrogant and self satisfied...and just a bit disgusted that so many can't recognize his "greatness".  And in that moment I had a visceral reaction, a punch in the gut moment that reminded me of a previous pic of Obummer, feet up on a historic desk in the oval office...and nearly retched at how this "Muslim Socialist" has disrespected the office of the Presidency.

And I didn't need to watch...because we have all heard Obama's kitsch before...for seven long years.  We know the actions never reach the meteoric rise of his rhetoric, we know, in every speech there will be a period of whining, a smattering of blaming Bush and the Republicans, a bit of demonizing those who don't agree with him, followed by a long monologue about his supreme achievements that so few Americans really appreciate.

I'll be interested to see the TV ratings for that speech.  I suspect they will be paltry...we've all heard his standard spiel..and even his loyal liberal zombie following have heard it all no real need nor desire to hear it all again.

Now I will watch on January 20th, 2017.  I want to see the moving vans pulling up to the south lawn and hauling that trash out of the White House.  

The State of the Union is fraught with peril, with 47% of the people now acclimated to expecting to receive a green check, with millions more on food stamps, our university students as ignorant as neanderthals, with nothing to show for it but $3 trillion dollars in student loan debt.  Our nation is as racially divided as we've ever been, our cities are ravaged by thugs and illegal aliens, wealth envy is the "cause celebre" and whining and victimhood is the latest social trend.  Our economy is such that 94 million Americans have left the work force entirely (and boarded the government gravy train), our work force is predominated by folks working two jobs to survive (cause 30 hour work weeks allow employers to skirt Obama care coverage mandates that would bankrupt them), and the national debt is $20 trillion and counting as our government masters are living off the "credit card" of our children and grandchildren.

And all our economic woes won't matter a bit because our world is now so unsafe that we now face the real threat of biological or nuclear armageddon by Muslim extremists who don't mind dying...those 96 virgins waiting for them in Muslim heaven.  And if you expected our military to save us, abandon that idea; our military strength is one third of what it was just three decades ago, severely underfunded, and their Commander in Chief is only concerned with rainbow flags, designing uniforms for transgenders and setting a small army of architects to work on three bathroom facilities; "his" "hers" and "other".

We all know the State of the Union...and we know it's not the rainbows and unicorns Obummer says it is.  

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Jeff H. said...

I too anxiously await his departure from the White House. Unfortunately, he now fashions himself as a media star and will be on our tv screens even more frequently in the years to come. I know I'll be voting republican in November, but they have yet to offer a substantial alternative. Maybe I'll join those who say, "what the hell - I'm not voting at all for any of these clowns."

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Jeff, you and people like you are the very ones that get the Obama types voted into the White House. It's time for Republicans(or anti Liberals) to join together and get the crap out of the White House and have it fumigated. There's going to be only one Clown n the end but he will be our Clown. Besides. You're reading/watching too much Liberal media crap and starting to believe the lies they are spewing. Any one of the Candidates are heads and shoulders better than anything the Dims are throwing up(pun intended) there. And Scribe, it's 72 Virgins. 96 would be only in a fantasy world.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for the correction on the virgin count, Frank. And Jeff, Frank is right; just as in 2012, when Romney wasn't "conservative enough", and conservatives stayed home, they got four more years of Barry. Sometimes you got to pick the "least ugly".

TheRandyGuy said...

Most credible reports on viewership of BO's SotU address put the number at around 18 million. In a nation of almost 400 million, well, let's just say the bloom is off the rose when it comes to the blather from The Anointed One. Not that it matters to him, or anyone else: He got to have the spotlight (again) and read from the teleprompter. Fast forward to November: Unless the events change dramatically, Hillary will win (probably by a fairly large margin). The nation is riddled with people with their hand out, and Dim's promise to give "more free stuff" is all it takes to get the 47%-plus to vote for an ethically challenged ego-monster. BTW, Hillary is mad - she's been mad for the last 8 years and she'll bring that fury to the WH. She will punish the right in America in ways no one can imagine and with a Democrat Senate, coupled with the eunuchs that call themselves Republicans in the House, we'll wish Barry could have served another term.... We get the government we deserve.