Friday, January 8, 2016



A Gallup survey, released this week, reports that 63% of all Americans could not handle a $500 dollar unexpected expense, such as a car or house repair.

I find that amazing.  There has not been a time,  when I drive around my local commercial center, that folks aren't lined up at restaurants at dinner time...fully prepared to fork over $200 bucks for a nice bottle of wine and a sumptuous dinner!

And when I look upon a football or basketball game on TV the stands are full for those $100 bucks a seat sporting events.

So where are people getting the money to spend for such luxuries when they can't afford a plumber?  Or a car repair!  

Are they living off of their credit cards?  Are they all illegal Mexicans getting paid cash under the table and free of paying taxes, and still qualified to reap welfare benefits and free runs to the food banks?

And, if Obama's economy is so damn great, how is that folks can't afford a washing machine repair?  

I confess I do not understand the new economy.  I can't imagine how folks can afford to pay Obamacare premiums and still afford to put food on the table.  And with 93 million Americans who have left the work force, no longer even trying to find a job, I find it amazing that Obama dares to crow over a 5 percent unemployment rate.  

Yes, I'm amazed that 63% of American can't afford an unexpected $500 dollar expense.  But I find it even more amazing that Obama got elected twice and that all the political gurus say Hillary will win and doubled down on Obama's economic policies.



Frank Krzesowiak said...

Unfortunately, it's amazing but the way of the world today. The Liberals have an automatic voting base(47%?) that would vote for Hitler if he had a "D" after his name. And most of those are members of the 93,000,000 unemployed and thus a majority of the 63% you speak of. The party of "free" shamelessly "buys" votes. They count on people not to want to work, otherwise there's no chance for a Democrat to win the Presidency. These people don't care that the Country is 19 trillion dollars in debt and can't sustain it for much longer. Liberals won't tell them that. And when it happens that we have truly run out of money, the free ride is gone. Soup kitchens and long lines for food will be the norm. And when the Republican Candidate for President brings it up? The Liberals will call it a "scare tactic". And nothing can be further from the truth. Truth. Yeh, right. That word has been deleted from the Liberal dictionary...

TheRandyGuy said...

Frank hit it out of the park. Government dependance, long fostered by the Dims, is approaching critical mass. At some point (which we may well have already reached), those subsisting on taxpayer-funds will be able to vote in politicians that will accelerate supplying the drug known as "free stuff". Of course, that will cost most of what is left of our liberty - precious little actually remains. Hillary's election, highly probable if not assured, will cement that reality.

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank, Randy..what you say is sadly true. Gonna be a wild ride for my kids and grandkids.

Brian Kalifornia said...

Sad but true, and it's going to be a rough ride for all of us.