Friday, November 20, 2015

The Golden Arches No Longer Golden


Just read on Yahoo News that the McDonalds franchises are rebelling at the corporate mandated "all day breakfast" thing.  Franchise owners say kitchen workers are stumbling all over each other, trying to prepare both breakfast and lunch or dinner items.


McDonalds simply doesn't get it.  Let me illustrate.  A few months ago McDonalds announced that they'd be tacking on an extra ounce to their quarter pounder patty, and would toast the bun a few seconds longer.  So I went down to Micky D's and tried em out.  Still the same old untoasted bun, with a cold slice of cheese resting on top of a tasteless hamburger patty.  That was it for me.

You know, McDonalds knows what they need to do to improve product and service; they simply refuse to do it.  They need to just copy the In N Out Burger model...hire good people, pay them a little more, motivate them into preparing hot, fresh burgers and fries (no microwave or warmers allowed) and they'll have customers galore.

McDonalds simply won't do it.  Now the rather pampered franchise owners, in the past simply content to draw customers from a simple look at that big golden arch, cannot cope with changing customer tastes.  (How can Jack in The Box serve breakfast all day without complaint?  How can Chik Fil A win every customer service award?)

McDonalds has yet to learn that being a big behemoth does not guarantee your survival...just look at Kmart and Sears to see the truth of that statement.

So, what once was the "golden franchise" is now not.  Carl Jr's can make a better burger, so can Culver's.  And In N Out is still the standard that all should aspire too.  McDonald's won't, doesn't give a shit....and neither do I.


Jeff H. said...

Great points. But, hey, once they're receiving $15 an hour these rocket surgeons will automatically become master chefs and everything will be fine. I've worked in foodservice for 45 years, starting at Bob's Big Boy as a dishwasher. Yes, I've also worked at Mcdonald's, as a manager. Bought a house, drive a new truck, went to college without any loans or scholarships, all without a socialist president mandating my bosses pay me far more than I was worth. They take all the risks, they deserve most of the rewards.

A Modest Scribler said...

Hey Jeff...really looking forward to those superior hamburgers. :)

Brian Clancy said...

McDonald's has sucked for years and are completly willful in staying that way.

Frank K said...

The people that frequent Mickey D's are the same ones that voted for Obama...They just don't know anything else.