Monday, November 2, 2015

Cruz-Rubio 1-Liberal Mainstream Media 0


Well, boys and girls, if you watched the Republican Debate last week you watched a classic example of how the liberal mainstream media manages your perception of political candidates....always to denigrate Republicans and promote the "Dimocrats".  

Don't know how many of you know last night's panel moderators, because they are largely on NBC's finance channel.  But, I know John Harwood very well from his financial reporting...and he's a liberal through and through, always praising Obama and criticizing anything the Republicans propose.  And Becky Quick is married to an NBC producer, and we all know where NBC stands on politics; their MSNBC is nothing but a propaganda machine for Obama.

So last night that panel of media libtards started right off with the same old questions that were asked at the last debate...questions that were intended to damage a candidate.  The moderators seemed to have no interest in asking anything new.  And, their liberal bias clearly shown through....they even resorted to quoting previously printed hit pieces.  Becky Quick was embarrassed when she couldn't quote a source for a hit piece on Donald Trump. When The Donald said the hit piece quote was untrue, Becky asked Trump where her own quote came from!  The Donald responded "hey, it's you people that write this stuff!".

And John Harwood had to post a post debate Twitter entry apologizing for accusing Marco Rubio that his tax plan was aimed at the wealthy.  Rubio corrected him repeatedly and Harwood just kept insisting he was right.  After the debate Harwood finally decided to do his homework....homework that should have been done BEFORE the debate, then apologized for being wrong.

I thought the best lines of the night were when Ted Cruz jumped all over the moderators for trying to stage a "cage fight" among the candidates, sending the audience into raucous agreement.  Then Rubio said Hillary Clinton had the biggest "Super Pac" of all; the liberal mainstream media, which again sent the audience into howls of agreement.

Those moderators massively failed last night.  First, they lost control of the debate in the first minute.  Secondly, they were so obviously biased with their questions that they lost all hope to appear objective.

Even with the Rubio and Cruz media slams I thought the candidates missed a couple of huge opportunities to roast the liberal press.  I would have asked why these media types chose to roast the Repubs with their questions but not once did any of them asked Clinton in her debate how she lost track of that $6 billion of State Department funding, or about the Clinton foundation's corruption....or even, God forbid, why she refused to provide security for those four dead Americans.  

I think the American people learned far more about the liberal mainstream media than they did about the candidates last night.


Frank K said...

I heard some0ne say it last night and I had thought the same thing. All that debate did was make the Republican candidates realize they were only hurting themselves with the infighting going on. The REAL Opponents are Hillary, the Media, all the Idiots on the Government dole, and anyone who thinks it's perfectly fine for ILLEGAL Aliens to vote(ie Jerry Brown). Will they party Will they back off...some. But it will be a lot easier once the 16 or so remaining Candidates are pared down to a manageable number and they don;t have to try so hard to stand out in a Crowd.

A Modest Scribler said...

I agree, Frank....need to cull out those "5% folks" and get the candidate count down to reasonable levels so the top contenders have more time to state their views.