Friday, November 27, 2015

Susan Rice died for Obama's Sins


Susan Rice died for Obama and Hillary's sins.
We all remember Chief, National Security Advisor Susan Rice's appearance on those 2012 Sunday morning news shows. She came on to defend the administration's failure to act during the Benghazi massacre, alleging that the Libyan uprising was all due to a anti-muslim video.
When the dust settled we all found out that the video story was a huge lie, meant to provide "cover" for a President and Secretary of State that made a horrendous mess of the Middle East.
So, while doing research for a future blog, I came across an interesting tidbit about Susan Rice. Seems she was on the National Security Council during Bill Clinton's second term. And, yes, she was there when Bill Clinton failed to give the order to rescue our guys during Black Hawk Down. And following that tragedy, again born from Presidential negligence, Susan Rice was quoted as saying "Following the Somalia tragedy I vowed that I would never again allow such tragedy to go unpunished. In every instance like that I would call for dramatic action."
So, isn't it interesting that Susan Rice was forced to trot out to those Sunday morning news shows in 2012 and toot the "company line"...that Benghazi was the result of a anti-muslim video!
I would remind you that Susan Rice had been designated by Obama to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. However, after the storm that erupted after those Sunday morning news show appearances she withdrew her name from nomination....she knew she would never be confirmed by the Senate.
So, if you were pissed at Susan Rice, you'd be wise to look elsewhere. Round up the usual suspects because it was Obama and Hillary who were the real bad guys....Susan Rice just happened to die for their sins...on a Sunday morning.  She has not been on television since.


Frank K said...

The Clinton's are VERY GOOD at screwing up other people's lives to enhance their own. Two of the most selfish, uncaring individuals(can't call them people) ever encountered. How many dead, injured or ostracized people have they left in their wake is too numerous to count. I wish nothing but bad to happen to these two and I'm ashamed that Hil lie ry can even be considered for the highest office in our GREAT(see this Obama) Country.

Jerrylee said...

Sexiest National Security Advisor ever. I remember the first time I saw her reciting the administration's prefabricated Benghazi narrative, I didn't hear a word she said because my imagination had flown elsewhere. Had to rewind several times to really get it.