Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Clinton's White Hot Hate of Our Military


Last week, during Hillary Clinton's testimony on Benghazi, she screwed up and laughed when asked about the night four brave Americans died.  She was asked where she was that night and, somehow thought it was funny.  Then, last Friday, on an interview at MSNBC, Hillary Clinton said the VA Scandal was overblown, even in the face of all those vet deaths because they couldn't get an appointment to see a doctor.

I'm not surprised by this...the Clintons have always hated the military.  Their hate developed early as Hillary and Slick Willie demonstrated against the Vietnam War on their Ivy League campus.  Bill was there because he had managed to escape the draft, first by signing up for the Arkansas National Guard, then withdrawing his papers when his draft number didn't come up.

And who can forget those poor troops whose helicopter went down in Somalia.  When Black Hawk Down occurred Bill was on the golf course.  According to testimony by the military folks who managed the emergency phones, when the request came in to mount a rescue Bill erupted in angry vulgarity and refused to authorize a rescue until after his golf game was over.  By that time it was too late for some of those troops.


So, I'm not surprised or shocked about Hillary's callous comments about the VA scandal, nor her total disregard for those dozens of security requests from Benghazi.

Do you really want a vagina for President so bad that you'll elect this kind of Commander in Chief?  Haven't we already seen how screwed up the world is with the awful one we've got now?


Frank K said...

She makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. You know. Like every time I see her picture, I want to throw up...

Ken said...

First, Dearel, Thank you for your years of service insuring my freedom. I pray God keeps all our Soldiers safe on this Veterans Day.

After eight years of a president who hates our Military we now come to, "the vagina". I like that term for that evil bitch, it shows just the right amount of respect. I watched most of her testimony and wished I could shoot her through most of it. Her laughter at most points was so inappropriate, it's evil to the core. She makes me shiver. 306,000 veterans died last year for lack of available doctors and obama met that crisis by removing another 2.8 billion dollars from their budget while appropriating 4.5 billion dollars for the Syrian killers he loves so much, and if hillary wins all these policies will continue. It just astounds me that she garners so much support. Her smiling face next to Micheal Brown's mother made me want to puke but the libs just loved it. Why? I'm completely baffled.

Watching all this must be just overwhelming to a man or woman who risked their lives for this once great country today. It certainly doesn't honor the Vets at all. Days like this are so sad.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for your always thoughtful comments, Ken.