Monday, November 30, 2015

Is Islam Our Fate?


Is Islam Our Fate?

I was just watching the morning news this morning when a fellow came on, a hired "expert" who was discussing France's "Muslim problem".  And I was astounded to hear that only 27% of the French believe in God!  

It would seem that nature truly does abhor a vacuum, and that vacuum is being filled by the large Muslim population so that, now, Islam is the dominant religion in that country.  Muslims now drive the 43% of all Frenchman who believe in a divine God.

There are probably lessons to be learned from France.  We in America are creating our own vacuum; fifty years ago more than 90% of Americans believed in God and more than 80% attended church regularly.  Those numbers have declined of late with barely 50% of Americans who believe in God and even fewer who attend church regularly.

The French seem to enjoy sitting around their sidewalk cafes, smirking at the rest of the world, and basking in their superior intellect.  To the French, Notre Dame Cathedral is simply an interesting architectural wonder, not a place where they would care to go and worship God.  Our Millennials are the French counterparts, sitting around Starbucks with their tablets and notebooks, googling arguments for Climate Change and deriding the religious right.

One can argue religion all day long but it should be clear that the decline in morality, and church attendance in the West has certainly coincided with a more savage society these days.  While I don't believe the church has all the answers I do believe a modicum of morality is necessary if a society is to survive.

Our seemingly total surrender to moral values is creating a vacuum and nature does indeed abhor a vacuum.  And, whether you like it or not, the Muslims take their religion seriously.....enough to now command 3/5ths of the world.  

Ironically, throughout America, after Paris, I have heard the secular left espouse that we must defeat radical Islam with "love".  I greet that idea with great skepticism.  "Love" is not going to stop the spread of Islam and its many tenets that are in total conflict with our Western values.  I cannot believe that our Secular Left has any love for anyone; witness their insistent and consistent hate for Americans who "cling to their religion".  Laying flowers at the sites of massacres will not defeat radical Islam....developing a sense of moral values just might.

Should we fail get ready to turn toward Mecca five times a day and offer a prayer.  Be prepared to surrender everything you ever believed in because "nature abhors a vacuum".


Craig Bailey said...

We can beat them with love, the love of firearms and nothing wrong with turning towards mecca 5 times to break wind at moohamheads center of insanity.Have a nice day.

Frank K said...

I can't wait for Sharia Law to be the law of the land here. I'll be able to have sex with Children, rape any woman I want, kill in the name of god. All the things men want to do but are stopped by archaic laws and religions of this nation. What's not to like if you are a man. Man is "king" in the Mooslem world. Of course, I'll be too old to enjoy and reap(rape) the benefits. The stupidity this "religion" brings to the world is beyond belief.It brings every horror known to this world into play, and turns it into complete chaos. I don't understand how any woman can look at this and say "oh, yeh. I'm all for that". Psychiatry will be a great profession to get into...

TheRandyGuy said...

The ironic thing is that, in rejecting Christianity, the West has actually embraced Jesus' commandment of "Love thy neighbor" and "Turn the other cheek". Not that these folks know it (or care)...