Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tyrants Wear Many Faces


If there was ever a wiser and more intelligent man than Thomas Jefferson, I'd like to meet him.  Jefferson, after throwing royalist federalists out of office, and assuming the Presidency, had a big job trying to restore personal liberties and restoring political decisions to the people.  One of his most difficult tasks was removing hundreds of corrupt government officials who had been appointed by John Adams in return for political loyalty or personal favor.  

Adams tried to maintain his party's political power by packing the federal courts with party loyalists, regardless of their qualifications.  In packing the courts in this manner, Adams saw a way to perpetuate the policies of his political party.  

So when Jefferson assumed the Presidency he fired corrupt postal officials, inefficient bureaucrats and sought to unwind all those Adams loyalist judges.  The Federalists filed suit and in Marbury vs Madison the Supreme Court ultimately squashed Jefferson's efforts to "unpack" the courts.  Not only did that landmark decision change the character of the so called "three equal pillars of government", it became America's first indication that the courts may hold too much power in a Republic.  

Jefferson was greatly alarmed by Marbury vs Madison and warned repeatedly that the tyranny of the Supreme Court would one day upend the very nature of a democratic republic.

This past week we witnessed just how bad that tyranny can be.  Obama continues his assault on the Republic with his executive orders and political czars and the courts have reversed legislation passed at the will of the people in the various states.  Just as the ultra liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the popular vote of Californians to ban driver's license for illegals and same sex marriage, the judicial tyrants struck down Utah's law defining marriage as that between a man and a woman.  

The liberal courts have also been busy overturning voter I.D. laws, imposed curbs established to stop illegal immigration and, also this week, we learned that the courts are ruling in favor of illegal Mexican invaders in the immigration courts, essentially issuing a blank check for border crossers  to invade, evade the law long enough to decry the breaking up of families..and win amnesty by judicial decree!

The week culminated in a federal court decision yesterday that forced the University of Notre Dame, a Catholic institution, to provide free abortion and birth control as part of their health care plans.

Of course the "big fail" was last year when the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government can force you to buy a product or service that you don't want.  Thus, we have now have the Obamacare fiasco, with its punishing high premiums and fines, and inefficient bureaucracy.  

So I guess it doesn't matter who we send to Congress.  Nor does it seem to matter when we pass state wide propositions by wide margins.  Our masters are now the arrogant Emperor Obama and the liberals sitting on the various federal courts that have infested our country.  Tyrants indeed wear many faces.


Craig Bailey said...

I wonder how long it will be before the tyrants start dictating what people can wear and on what days you can wear it? These tyrants label The Tea Party and Christians as terrorists when in reality the accusers are the terrorists destroying our Constitution and Country.

Anonymous said...

Tyranny ends in its' own demise, I fear for our Republic, citizens are becoming subjects at a faster pace. I do not know where the breaking point is, I do know that it is close. Steel yourselves to what may be, we will prevail!