Saturday, February 15, 2014

Black & Hispanic Prejudice On The Rise?

This weekend the Associated Press posted a news item about a national survey indicating Americans are more prejudiced toward Blacks and Hispanics than they were four years ago when Obama took office.  Surveyors were amazed that the election of a Black President had failed to bridge the gap between caucasians and Blacks and Hispanics.

The surveyors, in an effort to find answers, turned to social scientists and academic elites.  Both of these so called experts attributed the increase in prejudice to Americans just being "slow learners".  Not one of these "elite" experts were willing to consider that, perhaps, the actions of this President might have been a causative factor.

Consider the now "viral" video of Obama speaking in "ebonics" to that NAACP Black audience as he huffed and puffed about hateful "Whitey" as being the cause of all Black problems.  Consider the hundreds of speeches Obama has made to win the favor of his voting blocks by promoting class and race warfare.  Consider how Obama immediately condemned the cop for the arrest of the drunk and hostile Black professor before learning of the facts, then trying to backtrack from his error by holding a "beer summit" on the back lawn of the White House.  Consider Obama quickly condemning the murder of a pot-smoking teenage Black thug down in Florida by a "White Hispanic"....even to the extent of saying "Trayvon Martin could be my son".  And doing so, while totally ignoring the dozens of Black gang murders on the South side of Chicago every year.

When Obama chooses up sides, and it's always in favor of Blacks, before the facts are in, how else is America expected to take this?  Naturally, White America is going to feel put upon and feeling like we aren't getting a fair shake in Obama's class and race warfare game.

With regard to an increase in hostility toward Hispanics, how is America supposed to feel when Obama skirts Congress and the Constitution and elects to make 2 million illegals "legal" simply by the edict of a President who neither respects the rule of law nor the sense of what is right and wrong.  How is America to feel when Obama promises to grant amnesty to 28 million more illegals even as Americans are struggling to find a job, many of which will go to those who came here illegally?  There's nothing like losing your job and having your family going homeless, all because an illegal Mexican took your job, to cause racial resentment!

So, while the academic "elites" couldn't figure out why Americans are resenting minority favoritism most Americans understand why there might be a touch more resentment of those who are gaming our system and violating our laws.

If liberals weren't so blind to opposing views, if they weren't so wrapped up in their own sense of superiority, they just might come to understand why class and racial warfare and the art of minority pandering by this President has done more to divide our nation than any other factor.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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Craig Bailey said...

As Ron White has said"You can't fix stupid".