Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hillary Clinton; The Power Behind The Throne


It has been reported loud and often that the relationship between Hillary and Bill Clinton is no more than a political partnership; that there is so little warmth between Bill and Hillary that they couldn't melt a vanilla ice cream cone in the middle of a Little Rock summer.   Instead, it has always been a corporate partnership with Bill as CEO and Hillary as Chairman of the Board, the behind the scenes power that calls the shots.   Apparently, Hillary wrestled control at about the same time as Bill's foray into "bimbo chasing".

Hillary saw no reason to "fire the CEO" even after Paula and Jennifer Flowers, or even after Bill's rape of a campaign aide in a Little Rock hotel room.  And she was only upset about the Monica Lewinsky affair because it put a damper on her future political ambitions.  Even as recently as 2008, when Bill was caught with one of his bimbos in his hotel room during Hillary's North Carolina Presidential campaign, Hillary was only concerned about the impact it would have on her chances for the Presidency.

Well, this past week we learned that all of the suppositions about Hillary were indeed true!  The unfortunate revelations in the form of a personal journal by Hillary's best friend, Diane Blair.  Blair meticulously documents Hillary's thought processes as expressed through her email and letters over the years.  The journals were unearthed following the death of Mrs. Blair and certainly paint the true portrait of a Hillary Clinton, cold, hard, political machine.  

For example, Hillary's letters frequently alluded to Bill's near compulsive philandering, for which Hillary, rather than being hurt personally, saw Bill's "bimboism" as the cost of doing business; something to be written off as the necessary expense of a political business.  Most telling was Hillary's remarks about Monica Lewinsky; rather than giving any consideration for Monica's youth, or Bill's prolific philandering past, she blames the whole affair on a conniving and ambitious "bimbo".  

Did Bill stray so often because Hillary is just a cold fish?  Did she fail to warm Slick Willie's bed?  We may never know the answer to that, though the Blair journals certainly portray her in that light.  Perhaps we would be able to distinguish Hillary's capacity for love or lust had Vince Foster, who  allegedly killed himself after Hillary ended their illicit affair as soon as she entered the White House, had lived to write a book.  The answer to that died in the last thought of Foster as he blew his brains out in a nearby Washington park.

Though I am hoping against hope that Hillary does not win the White House in 2016, it might prove just how much, or how little warmth she feels about Slick Willie Clinton.  Will Hillary finally fire the "CEO" of that political partnership and assume both the CEO and Chairman of the Board roles as President?  

Or perhaps Hillary will throw Willie a bone and appoint him as the Presidential Advisor to the National Organization for Women (NOW)...that would put Slick Willie out to pasture with a whole corral of potential bimbos.

We shall see.  Meantime, you might want to invest in the company that makes WD-40 as the Hillary political machine begins gearing up for the ultimate power run in 2016.


Craig Bailey said...

Change the players of this American tragedy from liberal to conservative and 2016 would not even have been considered. Working conservatives would never been given the same pass as the free lunch liberal clintons, besides "what difference does it make at this point". Hilary is one cold hearted mean bitch, given the choice slick willie would nail anything instead of that evil hole.

A Modest Scribler said...

Craig, one of the more interesting Hillary letters to Blair inferred that Bill has a "mommy complex" based on a conflict between the two women who raised him at various times, some times his mother, sometime his grandmother...and there was conflict between the two on how Slick Willie was to be raised.

Hillary's theory is that Bill transferred that mommy complex to her, thus his inability to be intimate and committed to her. Weird.