Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Obamacare Job Losses


Whew!  I'm so glad that three million people who feel enslaved by working at a job will now be free to stay home and have me pay for it!  I was beginning to feel guilty that we were actually forcing people to work and pay for their own health care.  

The Congressional Budget Office came out last week and highlighted how the parameters built into Obamacare will allow folks who don't feel like paying medical insurance premiums will qualify for free taxpayer paid medical care.  I mean, what's the big deal?  We're already paying the premiums for the 30 million who get free medical and dental on Medicaid so what's an extra three million on the federal benefit gravy train.

Now, I know there are those conspiracy theorists who say that Obama is trying to destroy capitalism by impoverishing people so that they will depend on a big socialist government…but how can I not believe the White House when they revel in three million taxpayers giving up their jobs so that they can stay home, smoke a legal bong or two (that's coming soon), play their gaming system and watch Jerry Springer on their big screen televisions.  

And let's face it; we've got to find jobs for the 30 million illegals soon to be made citizens…what better way to provide them with jobs than luring three million American workers to give up theirs?  I mean, what irony…we'll soon have 30 million illegal Mexicans in the work force, people who used the emergency room as their own means of health care, now paying taxes to pay the medical premiums for three million Americans who would rather chill out at home while Mexicans pay for their health care!

Oh sure, our premiums might go up a bit to offset the three million who won't be pay for theirs….but what's a little extra if we can make so many people happy?  I mean, after paying $2,000 bucks a month for my family's health care, what's a few extra hundred dollars a month to support those who won't pay a dime, right?

As a matter of fact, I'm impressed by our President's innovative plans to encourage folks not to work.  He's for welfare and free health care, free cell phones, free food stamp cards and an extension to three years of unemployment checks for those not willing to take a job beneath their dignity.  

Dignity is all with this President.   A cup of dignity for a quart of government subservience.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

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Craig Bailey said...

Maybe some of the 3 million with time on their hands can figure out how to get Bong Boy barry's head out of his ass, or just shove that bong up there also.Time to go to work to pay for all the govt. tit sucking obummerites.