Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Arizona Charter Schools Crushing The Teacher Unions


Good morning, dear reader,

If your community is suffering from sub-par K-12 education you ought to look seriously at what some states are doing with the charter school programs.  Arizona has gone all out in this state's challenging the teacher's unions and bloated public school administrators who, for too long, have produced high school graduates that can't read or write even at the sixth grade level.

Arizona has opened the door wide and allowed parents to vote with their feet, migrating their kids to charter schools and abandoning federal education mandates that lead to failure after failure.  

By every measure Charter Schools are winning the education war, leaving many public schools educational ghost towns, many of which have been forced to close due to declining enrollment.  

Charter schools are demanding performance from their students and a full commitment from parents; making sure their kids attend and making sure the kids do their homework.  Ironically, Charter schools are simply doing what the public schools did back in the fifties; insisting on a partnership between school and parent to educate the kids.

The state is beginning to finally make headway as the statehouse has provided legislation giving educational institutions the leeway to find what works and stay with it.  Arizona citizens are given tax credits for their expenditure on Charter Schools and every Arizona tax return has a block the taxpayer can check off to divert part of his/her taxes to support these Charter Schools.  This has infuriated the liberals in Washington and the teachers unions.  How dare parents and taxpayers demand quality results when mediocrity was perfectly acceptable a few years ago!

Just this morning the news lines are hot because Arizona's Secretary of Education initiated state wide robo calls informing state residents of their charter school options and providing information on how they can enroll their kids for free in charter schools throughout the state.  The teachers unions are really irate and accusing state education officials with playing "favorites".  Not a word was mentioned of the public school system's abject failures in educating the state's children.  

Score one for "the good guys".


Anonymous said...

My oldest, both attend a charter school, and I've been very happy with it.

A Modest Scribler said...

Happy to hear that, anon...finally some relief from losing schools!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I taught in 3 different charter schools in Mesa, and it was the worst experience of my entire life. I quit teaching. I walked straight out the door. The teachers did not have credentials, they printed the lessons of a website, the curriculum was over the heads of the kids, they had no decent programs for exercise and play. My classroom was next to some biker chick who screamed all day at 2nd graders And then I find out that Hillary Clinton's friends ran the school. Yeah send your kid to a charter school and get a psychopath

A Modest Scribler said...

Lou, I can't give you much credibility because you were heavy on condemning all charter schools based on your one experience.

And, since you didn't bother to mention the abject failure of the public school system over the last 30 years i can only conclude you're a dyed in the wool advocate for the teachers union.