Thursday, February 9, 2012

Was President Obama A "Pusher?"

This sounds a bit harsh but I sometimes wonder if President Obama has adopted the sales tactic of a drug pusher in executing his political goals.  We all know from his personal memoir that the President admitted to using drugs during his school years.  Sadly, after watching Obama's political deal-making during the past three years, I wonder if he didn't do a little "dealing" as well to supplement his drug habit.

I say this because of the way he has sold his socialization programs during his tenure.  For example, Obama rammed through Obamacare over the opposition of 70 percent of the American people.  How did he "sell it?"  By front loading the benefits and back loading the costs.  Isn't anyone else skeptical about Obama granting immediate benefits to folks unwilling to budget for health care premiums but back loading the bill to taxpayers to 2013?  Note that the bill doesn't come due for taxpayers until Obama is re-elected.  Did seniors note that the huge $500 billion dollar cut to Medicare does not take effect until after he's re-elected?

And how about his deficit cuts.  Did anyone miss the bargain he extracted from Congress to insure none of his agreed upon entitlement cuts do not take affect until 2013?

Did anyone note that Obama's $800 billion dollar cut in the defense budget comes in 2013?

Was Obama smarter than his entire diplomatic corp and all of his field generals in determining that 2013 is the year we pull out of Afghanistan?  Could it be that Obama does not want to be running for re-election at the same time the Afghani government is collapsing?

Just this past week Obama's Health and Human Services Chief ordered that Catholic health agencies must provide birth control services to anyone who asks for it, despite the church's moral opposition to this practice.  After running into a buzz saw of complaints from both Democrats and Republicans, specifically that Obama's federal government is overstepping its constitutional authority, Obama has now backed off and given Christian health agencies a one year reprieve...into, you guessed it, 2013.

I invite you to go to and take a good hard look at all of Obama's legislative efforts.  Every single one of the benefits are put in place immediately but the taxpayer bill doesn't come due until after this year's election.

How about Obama's payroll tax initiative?  Obama is robbing money from the Social Security system by underfunding Social Security taxes by 2 percent, thus putting further strain on a program already going bankrupt.  How long did Obama extend this?  You guess it, until January, 2013.

And the biggest one of all; the tax cut that Obama loves to call the "Bush Tax Cuts".  He has extended the tax cuts until January, 2013.  Obama is counting on being safely re-elected before he eliminates those tax cuts and raises your middle class tax bill to the tune of $800 billion dollars!  Yes, you read that right.

So, like a drug pusher getting his customers hooked on the "sweet stuff", Obama will, after his re-election, present you with a huge tax bill for all the freebies he's granted to win your favor.  And millions of you have bought his drugs.  The misery comes later.

NOTE:  Breaking News!  Just this morning Obama announced a waiver to states on No Child Left Behind standards, thus giving the Teachers Union a huge break...and, you guessed it, the waiver is for this year...won't take effect again until January, 2013.

Sad, Damned sad.                                  

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