Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Pay Pal Widget

                      On 17 January I completed my first full year of blogging.  During that first year I wrote about 300 blog entries and had about 48,000 viewer hits.  My favorite measure of viewer response has been to look at the number of reader comments and how many readers click on one of my Amazon ads.  When readers click to Amazon through my site, and elect to buy anything from Amazon I receive a 1% advertising fee.

For the entire year of 2011 I realized profits of $12.83 cents from Amazon.  (Thanks, daughter)  Well, I thought, 48,000 blog visits and $12.83 in profits.  Not very impressive, I surmised.

Well, says, me.  Perhaps I can cover the cost of my internet fee by placing a PayPal Donate logo, linked to my PayPal account.

Surprise!  On the very first day of placing the PayPal widget , some fellow from Phoenix was nice enough to donate $2.00!  Wow!  Says, I.  At this rate perhaps I can fund both my internet fee and have enough to pay for my coffee fund!

Alas, it was not to be.  That initial $2.00 PayPal donation was the ONLY donation I have ever received for the 200 plus blogs written since I graced my home page with that little gold square.

Having grasped basic math in 3rd grade, I can now deduct that I am being paid 1 cent per blog, based on that one single $2.00 donation.

Thus, I am being paid one cent per blog for "giving my two cents" to my 200 daily readers.

You people are cheap.

Now let me get back to doing my taxes; I've got to figure out how I report $14.83 cents in "miscellaneous income".

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