Saturday, February 25, 2012

Obama's Arab Spring


We woke up this morning to learn that the Afghanis have murdered two more of our American troops; that's a total of four human beings murdered in cold blood, all because someone mistakenly burned a few holy books.

Last year when the Obama Regime was rejoicing in the "Arab Spring", and declaring democracy in bloom in the Middle East, I cautioned to put all that elation on hold.  I have written numerous blogs outlining why democracy cannot be transplanted to a Muslim society.  I urged readers to disregard the joyous celebration of an Obama foreign policy based on apology and timidity.  I predicted the first crack in the euphoria would be seen in how Christians and Jews are treated in the aftermath of revolution.

What have we seen to date?  Not only are the radical Muslims burning synagogues and churches, but they are burning up people within those holy places.

I have been a loud and vocal critic of a Middle East occupation since Bush first invaded Iraq.  Obama's policies have  been no different.

We have now wasted 3,000 American lives and $4 trillion dollars of our treasure in a vain attempt to democratize societies that are both corrupt and live in a culture that diametrically opposed to the acceptance of democratic principles.

Perhaps as damaging as our reckless crusade to occupy and attempt to democratize the Muslim world has been Obama's total capitulation to Muslim criminality.

I am sick and tired of hearing Obama say America is not exceptional and am equally tired of his praise of a Muslim world bereft with corruption and violence.

I am tired of sending our troops on three or four or even five deployments to an area that's not worthy of "saving".

I am tired of seeing our troops gunned down by these savages.  I am tired of reading about jailed journalists and aid workers in Egypt and having our President continuing his campaign of apologia.

Obama is a smooth Harvard Lawyer and a grand salesmen.  But, as God is my witness, I am having a hard time trying to figure out how he's going to justify issuing daily mea culpas to Middle East tyrants, even as they gun down our troops in the halls of the Aghan government.

Good luck Barack.  Time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.  Time to cease all foreign aid to every Middle East tyrant.

What a sad Saturday morning as we watch the bodies of four American troops being ferried back in body bags, their only crime being their dedication to a Commander In Chief who has no clue about how to lead....or for god's sake, at least cease apologizing and bowing to Muslim tyrants.

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