Monday, January 30, 2012

Romney's Investments vs Obama's Investments

Wow!  Mitt Romney sure caught a lot of flak this week!  Liberals jumped all over his investments while head of Bain Capital.  They argue that Romney's creation of such businesses as Staples is small time.  Dems abhorred the fact that Romney has all that wealth while people are hurting.

Never mind that those thousands of Staples stores across America employ tens of thousands of Americans; the Dems hate the fact that any citizen should have that kind of money.  After all, only Big Government should have the power to create jobs.

Obama's campaign strategists have been poring over ever aspect of Bain Capital's financial reports and have snarked that Bain Capital only created a mere 100,000 jobs.

Fair Enough.  Now let's compare Romney's investments to those of Barack Obama.  Well, now, let's begin with the how this investment money is sourced.  While Romney, and Bain Capital, deployed private funds toward the creation of businesses, Obama used taxpayer money to make HIS investments.

So how did each fare?

Well, we already looked at Romney and his success in creating businesses across a broad spectrum.  Now, let's look at how Obama has fared using our tax dollars:

Solyndra, the California Solar company:  Obama bestowed upon them $550 million of our tax dollars.  Less than two years later the company declared bankruptcy.  Not only did they go bankrupt, but they used our tax dollars to pay back every founding investor before opting to declare bankruptcy.  Solyndra's collapse resulted in a loss of ten thousand jobs.

Beacon Power, another alternative energy company:  The Anointed One gave them $50 million dollars. Less than two years later they too declared bankruptcy and sent their employees to the unemployment office to partake of Obama's unemployment check.

Evergreen Solar, another solar company:  Obama and his Massachusetts pal, Governor Deval Patrick, gave Evergreen Solar over $100 million dollars.  Two years later Evergreen Solar went bankrupt and thousands more headed to the unemployment line.

The latest of Obama's sterling investment of our tax dollars came this week when Ener1, an electric battery company, declared bankruptcy.  In this case, rather than "loaning" taxpayer dollars, Obama actually gave them $118 million dollars in federal grants.

So, here we have two investment "report cards".  One created 100,000 jobs and cost the taxpayer zero dollars.  The other invested a billion taxpayer dollars and they all went bankrupt and left tens of thousands unemployed.

And, saddest of all, we have learned that the CEOs of all of these bankrupt companies, yes ALL, gave millions in campaign contributions to Barack Obama.

Sad, Damned sad.

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