Saturday, January 14, 2012

How about really honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

This blog was written on MLK's birthday.  After watching the black rants at the memorial dedication today it looks as if three generations of blacks learned nothing from MLK.  Still ranting about wanting more government largess:

Rather than holding luncheons and rallies for Dr. King, how about African Americans supporting the causes Dr. King championed; i.e.  getting an education, black parents taking responsibility for their children, turning away from drugs and weaning their selves away from the government tit.

African Americans have the highest school drop out rates, are the biggest users of welfare and food stamps, lead the nation in drug use and HIV disease and 77 percent of black families have no father living at home.

Dr. King gave his life so that blacks could achieve equality in our society.  This was more than achieved in the civil rights bills of the sixties, to include preference quotas in our nation's colleges and in both private and public employment policies.

Instead, far too many African Americans became addicted to generous government programs and have adopted the "victim mentality", refusing to take responsibilities for their own failures and refusing to stand up and become productive citizens.  The "give me" mentality dominates too much African American thinking and is only encouraged by such corrupt "moral leaders" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. 

What would MLK think about Black Flash Mobs gang robbing convenience stores?  What would he think of Charlie Rangel and his $10 million dollar tax fraud?  What would he think of Al Sharpton and his $1.3 million tax fraud?  What would he think of Maxine Water's corrupt efforts to get bank loans for her husband's bank?  What would MLK think about three generations of blacks self satisfied with a lifetime on welfare?

Dr. King would be shocked at what his bretheren has become.  Sad.


Anonymous said...

You want to know what's truly sad? There's no evidence to prove anything you wrote. Besides the HIV part.

JustCommonSense said...

What's sad is that the official government figures confirm everything I said...and you turn a blind eye to it and deny it.."hear no evil, see no evil"

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could post some link to the facts so you dont get comments like the one above.Its always nice to know someone actually fact checking. just a suggestion from a fellow boater. JH

JustCommonSense said...

Thanks for your comments. I'll keep that in mind on future blogs. However, I will say this: After reading your comments I found 7 links in google citing that between 70 and 79 percent of black households were managed by one parent. (I was wrong on the stat on "fatherless" black families; some black families are managed by males and some by females, but the "one-parent" percentages are correct. I would hope that not only would blacks be concerned and seek the info for themselves, as I did...but also that black leaders would stop blaming "papa government" and stand up and take responsibility for their failures to raise and educate their young. This isn't happening. Again, thanks for your comments.

grenadavet said...

And the truth will be ignored.

Anonymous said...

This blog never touched on another HUGE on white crime which no one wants to report much less talk about!