Thursday, January 26, 2012

Obama's Contempt For Arizona, America


Barack Obama should get an Academy Award for his "acting" ability.   He was able to get elected by disguising his utter contempt for American values.  Even now this smart talking salesman can fool 40 percent of the American populace.  This despite his embracing the "God Damn America" rants of his minister for 20 years, Reverend Wright.  This, despite his pronouncement that White America clings to closely to its bible and its guns.  He got elected by convincing voters that he was a centrist and not the left wing radical that hung out with a 60's Unibomber that blew up an impressive portion of the University of Wisconsin.

After getting  elected this socialistic "man-child" emerged from his artificial shell, flew to the Middle East, bowed to Saudi kings, told the Egyptian Parliament that Americans were not "exceptional"; that we we're just like everyone else.  Walking on egg shells he absolutely refused to assert that there are indeed radical Muslims that are hell bent on destroying the western world, particularly Christianity.

Coming home, Obama then appointed to his Cabinet some of the most corrupt lobbyists and tax cheats we have ever seen.  He then joined with his white-hating Attorney General to declare that white America was  a nation of "cowards"for our opposition to illegal immigration.

Since his inauguration the Obama/Holder Amnesty machine has sued the states of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Utah and South Carolina for daring to enforce our current immigration laws.  For three years now he has ignored Arizona's plea to come to this state and go out and inspect the Mexican border.  He refuses.

Yesterday Governor Jan Brewer greeted President Obama as he arrived here to take credit for Intel's new plant here in the Phoenix area.  (Ironically, it was California's laxity on illegal immigration that led Intel to build their plant in Arizona)  Carrying a personal letter inviting President Obama to visit the border with her, Governor Brewer greeted the President upon his arrival.

Rather than accepting his responsibilities as President to represent all of America, Obama chose to throw a snit fit and complain about one paragraph in her book which was critical of Obama's Open Borders/Amnesty stance on illegal immigration.

Like a little kid, Obama pouted and blurted out he didn't like her criticism of him.

Should we be surprised?  After all, this community organizer has a never once had to deal with illegal crime, identity theft, drop houses, or the drug problem (except where he would get his cocaine when he was partaking of it previously).

Obama is a great "talker".  He is a great "actor".  But like all phonies, every once in awhile Americans get to see the real Obama, the socialist Obama, the spoiled child who never held a job and got every cent of his education paid for through minority scholarships of America taxpayers; the very Americans he despises the most.

Give him an Oscar for best actor....but for God's sake turn this socialist out in November!

Note:  Please read this editorial opinion on Obama's arrogance toward others.  It says it better than I ever could.

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