Monday, January 9, 2012

Obama Czar Count: 33 Ronald Reagan: 1


Good Morning,

Americans woke up this morning only to find they have yet another government Czar to look after them.  With Obama's appointment of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray as Consumer Finance Czar, you can now rest easy.  Big government is looking out for you.

Never mind that Obama circumvented the constitution by appointing still another Czar while Congress was not in session...and therefore could not approve or block this appointment.  Never mind that the constitutionally mandated executive cabinet does not seem to be enough.  We truly needed another dictatorial government agency to tell us how to live our lives.  With this appointment Obama has now appointed 33 Czars to help him run the country.

Oh, of course, this is not the first time a President has upset the balance of power in our triangular Executive, Legislative and Judicial system.  The most recent RINO President, George W. Bush, had almost as many.  However, the most troubling aspect of Obama's "czar-ocracy" has been his intent to neutralize the only power we, as citizens, have....and that is our power to exert citizen influence on our elected representatives.   How are we to call on Congress to correct a wrong when Congress has no influence on a Obama Czarist mandate?

We need look no farther than Obama's appointment of a "Car Czar" to see how Obama moved to shape the structure of reform in resurrecting Chrysler and General Motors.  Completely ignoring American Contract Law, Obama wiped out the ownership of company shareholders while simultaneously granting auto unions a majority ownership stake in these companies.  In doing so Obama was able to reward his union supporters and, most probably insure a resurgence of excessive labor union costs which brought the automobile companies down in the first place.  How's that working out?  Well, I can only urge you to google "Auto Plant workers caught smoking pot and drinking at work plant sites".  Pray you didn't' buy one of the cars turned out at the plant that week.

How's Obama's "Banking Czar" doing?  Has your credit gotten any better?  Is small business having access to small business loans?  Are banks more stable?  How many of you are better off after his appointment?  Have home loans gotten easier to get?

How about the "Housing Czar"?  Has he been able to stave off 7 million home foreclosures?  Has anyone, other than those who refused to make their mortgage payments, benefited from the housing czar?

Obama's arrogant attitude toward the American electorate is simply astounding!  Need we cite the electorate's 75% opposition to Obamacare?  And how many more states will be sued by Obama's Justice Department for trying to enforce America's immigration laws.  To Obama, the states of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Utah and South Carolina have met Obama's scorn and are forced to spend millions defending themselves in the courts, just because they want to enforce our immigration laws.

Even Michelle Obama serves as an adjutant "czar" as she has pronounced our school lunch program as sub-par and is working on legislative initiatives to make damn sure your kid shall not consume a french fry in a school cafeteria.

It might be interested to note that President Ronald Reagan created 22 million jobs during his two terms in office.  He was able to whittle Jimmy Carter's 20 percent inflation rate down to 4 percent in the year he left office.  Reagan was able to face down the Russians and bring down the Soviet empire.  Reagan was also able to cooperate with Democratic congressional majorities to put in place business incentives that seeded the birth of Walmart, Home Depot, Apple Computer, Microsoft and Cisco Systems.  This "seeding" of new business brought about the greatest expansion of prosperity since the end of World War II.

And he he did so with one "Czar".

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