Friday, March 3, 2017

Trump Caves


Last November I gritted my teeth and voted for Trump.  The twin (and only) pillars of my support was seeing a conservative nominated to the Supreme Court and Trump's promise to deport illegal immigrants.

Last night one of those pillars collapsed.  Trump caved on illegal immigration.  Like all the rest of those willowy Republicans who stood on the debate stage, except for Ted Cruz, Trump is now willing to reward those who flaunt our immigration laws.  Not acceptable.  

One need not even build the damned wall now.  Two thirds of illegal immigration comes from overstaying work or tourist visas.  And as long as the invaders see another amnesty in the future, they'll keep coming, and they'll keep staying.  

There are very few in politics who have the balls to say "no mas" on illegal amnesty.  No one is willing to see the unintended consequences of granting a pass to the invaders.

While I am sympathetic to the DACA folks, those brought here as children, I would still demand that, in order to be granted citizenship, they must serve either two years of a bonafide community service organization, or an equal number of years in military service.

All the rest of them can go to hell....or at least back to where they came from.

Trump got elected on two issues; Obamacare and Illegal Immigration.  So far he's got a "D-" on Obamacare (his promise not to throw anyone off of the public medical dole), and he now gets an "D" on illegal immigration issues.

Trump hasn't left me much to root for.  His budget proposals have never made sense.  His Obamacare reform ideas all revolve around maintaining medical care for 30 million tit suckers who can afford  I-Phones and Gaming Systems and Big Screen televisions, and eat their way into diabetes and heart problems...but are simply not willing to foot their own medical bills.

And now Trump, his psych already suspect, desperately needing to be loved, has decided to kiss illegal ass like most other cowardly politicians have done over the years.  It might win him a few Mexican votes in four years....but he'll not get mine.  He's proved to be the "Emperor With No Clothes" and that's bad for America. Thursday morning on Good Morning America Trump said "they're here illegally, but they shouldn't worry".  "I'm just interested in getting rid of the criminals".

Earth To Trump:  When they crossed the border they were criminal.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Jeff H said...

Didn't take the Trumpster long to come around. I too had such hope he would be different. But, he has been socializing with the crooks in power for decades and is just one of them. Looks like we will never see our Great Country again.

A Modest Scribler said...

Jeff, I said here, long before Trump's election, that his bark would prove worse than his bite... (and got pounded pretty good). This issue was one that I hoped I'd be wrong about.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Jumping the gun a little, no guys? Let's see how things play out. Patience is a virtue.

A Modest Scribler said...

Would be happy to be wrong, Frank. But Trump's spewing out clues...not mentioning deportation in the House speech, the luncheon with anchors where he said he's open to some serious amnesty, and then repeated again the following day on Good Morning America.