Friday, March 24, 2017

California's Robin Hood State House


In 2004 the Democrat-controlled California statehouse managed to push a proposition through that levied a 1% surtax on the state's wealthy.  The additional $2 billion of revenue was targeted to pay free in-state tuition for illegal Mexicans.    At that time the top 1% of wage earners were already paying 52% of all taxes collected in the state.  "Not enough", cried the Dems.

Well, that 1% tax resulted in two additional horde of illegals crossing the border, and soaring college tuition rates for children of middle class students trying to get an education.

Well, Democrats loved that so well, this week they decided to introduce AB1356, legislation that will levy another 1% on the fat cats.  But this time the "Dims" want the projected $2 billion in revenue to go toward paying the pizza and beer tabs for students who can't afford to buy their own booze and bread.  And, if there's any moola left over they want to pay off any student loans our Mexican friends might have accrued during their stay here.  (Google it yourself folks...I'm not lying to ya)

Assemblywoman Susan Talamontes Engman says free tuition for  the poor just ain't enough.  AB1356 money will be handed out for "non-tuition" related expenses like some decent threads, coffee at Starbucks, and pizza and beer so that co-eds can sit down and bargain over the state's new "sex consent" mandate that proscribes both parties sign a mutual agreement before they make "the beast with two backs"...otherwise it's "rape".  (Remember that one?)

Anyway, back to AB1356.   Sacramento lawmakers are confident the legislation will pass.  It will since Dems control the statehouse, and have for the last forty years.

So what can we expect from this new legislation?  Since California is already pricing tuition out of the hands of the middle class in that state, this ought to drive up the price of beer and pizza....and send the stock of U-Haul soaring as more of the working class flee the state.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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