Monday, March 6, 2017

Liberal Hypocrits


Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking heat for meeting twice with the Russian Ambassador last year.  Democrats are demanding he resign from his post.  I find two things hilarious about this:  1) After years and years of a Democrat poo-pooing about anything Russia did, liberals are now taking a hawkish stance on Russia.  2) Over the years the Democrats kept mum when their own kind were up to their asses in Russian ass-kissing.

Remember the accidental live mike in 2012 when Obama was caught telling his Russian envoy pal that he could be more "accommodating" to Russia once the election was over?


And who could ever forget Hillary's famous "Russian Re-Set Button" when she did some serious ass kissing, allowing Russia to buy American uranium, and only coincidently getting Russia to funnel millions into the Clinton Foundation

I could go on and on but perhaps the worse breech of national security is when Obama stood by and allowed the Russians to march into Ukraine...and didn't do squat to punish them.

So the other day, Hillary pal and ultra liberal Claire McCaskill tweeted that, in then years in the Senate, she'd never met with the Russian ambassador.  Then, not surprisingly, some ambitious critic found a McCaskill Tweet on her own Tweeter feed showing a pic of she and the Russkies meeting head to head.

All this should tell you all you need to know about this "scandal" ginned up by the Democrats and their liberal mainstream press lackeys.

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