Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A New Pilot For The Titanic


On Saturday the Democratic National Committee said good riddance to Debra "Wasserman Test" Schultz and hello to Obama's former Labor Secretary, Tom Perez. Perez will now serve as Chief of the Democratic National Committee and immediately begin working to elect Democrats in the 2018 off year elections, then begin to lay the groundwork for whomever emerges as a candidate for President in 2020.
Don't we all wish Tommy well?  The congregation on Saturday didn't. They booed and hollered and demanded a recount, unbelievably demanding that someone even more bat shit crazy take the helm. 
You see, these folks were waiting with bated breath for Hillary to win last November. She had promised them that Uncle Sam would pay off their student loans and, thereafter student tuition would be free for any "basket weaving" major that wished to pursue higher learning! And she had promised a liberal Supreme Court judge, and a big bright new "Welcome Mat" to illegal Mexicans, and might even have opted to move the nation's capitol to Sacramento, California where all those wonderful liberal ideas are coming to fruition! 
But let's give Tommy Perez some credit. After all he's the Labor Secretary who sued a beer distributor in support of two Muslim truck drivers who didn't think their religion allowed them to truck beer all over the state of Michigan! 
And can we ever forget when Tommy issued a "cease and desist" order against Boeing Aircraft relocating from liberal Washington state to North Carolina because labor costs were lower there?
Fear not, fellow Republicans! Tommy Perez may not be as bat shit crazy as that Muslim Congressman from Minnesota...but he's crazy enough to insure the HMS Titanic is heading for another iceberg in 2018!
(I've just got to check the latest quarterly report for General Foods....very curious about how Kool Aid sales are doing quarter.)


Wally V said...

They couldn't get it to stick at the Academy Awards so they are moving LA LA Land and placing it inside the DNC. It will be a perfect fit.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

I'm having a real hard time understanding how a Political Party can rub elbows with a Religion that condones, marrying a child, wife beating, Rape,killing of Homosexuals, lying, killing of non believers(which include 98% of Americans)and a myriad of other crazy okie dokeys and still claim to be a Champion for Homosexuals, women, children, American etc. From my point of view, you can't have it both ways. You can't say rape is bad, except if a Muslim does it. You can't say murder of a Homosexual is bad except when a Muslim does it. How Stupid does one have to be to not see the problem? So to put a Muslim as the head of the DNC would have been a nightmare. I'm sure the Republicans were hoping for Ellison. I truly believe it would have driven millions of Democrats to at least become Independents. Not all Dems are too Stupid to not see the problem.

TheRandyGuy said...

The Democrat Party is slowing taking the mask off and showing the country EXACTLY what they stand for. This guy is "ethically challenged" to say the least, but the powers that be were terrified of how middle America would respond to a Keith Ellison, so Perez is merely the lesser of two evils. The divide in America is growing. Let it come to a head soon.