Wednesday, February 15, 2017

About That Wall


Our liberal media masters are filling their news sites with the screaming headline "Trump's Wall Will Cost $21 Billion!".

Good.  I don't care if it costs $100 billion.  Here's why.  

According to Numbers USA we're spending $500 billion a year on illegal Mexicans.  The cost to educate, medicate, and incarcerate them runs into the hundreds of billions.  And the indirect costs are nothing to sneeze at....the higher property taxes to build more schools to educate some 20 million illegal kids, higher home and auto insurance rates wherever illegals gather, the millions of lives ruined by having their Social Security and Credit Records stolen, and last but not least, the $13 billion in Child Tax Credits we award to illegal Mexicans filing the INIT tax form each year.

So, the wall's a bargain at $21 billion.  Will it solve our illegal immigration problem?  Not by a long shot...most of our illegals come and stay by overstaying a perfectly legitimate tourist visa.  And we won't solve that problem until we nail employers to the wall and put some teeth into the E-Verify Program...making it mandatory and not elective as it pretty much is today.

An added bonus to stopping the flow of illegals into this country includes getting a grip on illegal voting fraud.  Just this past week the courts, finally freed to levy punishment, sentenced an illegal Mexican woman who voted five times an eight year prison sentence.  More please!

So, let's build that damn wall!  I don't care if it costs $100 billion!  And let's levy heavy fines on employers who hire illegal workers.  And let's finally start admitting those millions of immigration applicants who have waited for years to come here, but told to wait longer, even as we give succor and shelter to those 30 million illegal invaders who chose not to follow the law.

To borrow, and alter a phrase from that baseball movie; "Build it...and they won't come."


Frank Krzesowiak said...

Have to agree with you 100% Scribe. It would be cheaper to pay all these people to stay in their own Country. Time to turn off the money faucet. Liberals too Stupid to get we can't afford it anymore. Their Leadership is trying to bankrupt us. And it will happen if Trump doesn't take care of business. He was our only chance to avoid disaster. Press is making mountains out of molehills. God, I hate Stupid People...

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank, as you and several people have reminded me, I'm not a staunch Trump supporter. But, if Trump can get a conservative for two appointed to the Supreme Court, and at least do what he can about importing terrorists and stopping illegal immigration....and does it without getting impeached, he will have done his job. Anything above that is gravy.