Monday, February 6, 2017

The PC Super Bowl


So did you watch?  During the "content" of the program did you notice that Blacks, representing 15 percent of the populace, commanded 50% of the special interest segments.  The NFL trotted out Black college graduates, three Blacks from the play Hamilton sang America The Beautiful, and there were numerous segments about Blacks and police.  

When the NFL wasn't selling "Black is only's the only thing that's beautiful, they were airing "politically correct, liberal suck-up, everybody's a victim" commercials.  There was the BMW commercial that said the only way girls will ever get ahead is to buy a Beemer.  There was the Coke commercial with a hundred different ethnic faces melting into each other, promoting "globalism"...the soft drink equivalent of Obama's "America ain't special" mantra.  

And then we had 84 Lumber telling us how great illegal Mexicans are.  Then Budweiser (no longer American owned, by he owned by European conglomerate In-Bev) was back again, this time portraying old Augie Busch being persecuted as a German immigrant.  Never mind that, when old Augie stepped onto Ellis Island, there were no bans on German immigrants...and most of America didn't give a shit where he walked or where he went.  And Budweiser doesn't mention that old Augie exploited brewer workers for a century before he sold out to that European conglomerate...about as "American" as a french eclair.

I gave up watching the Grammy's when it went political.  Then the SAGs followed and I stopped watching.  And I stopped watching the Oscars when Hanoi Jane and company turned those awards into a liberal political convention.  

And now, God help me, I may have watched my last Super Bowl.  Never thought I'd ever say that...but you can't watch football when you're nauseous over the commercials and ass-kissing.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Oh, by the way, when they were allowed to play football it was a great game.


Craig Bailey said...

Haven't watched a Stuper Bowl for years. Too little football too much b.s..

Jerry Carlin said...

Yes, I was a bit surprised by the advertising, thinking they were not playing to their audience. I am not really a football fan and still have never seen an entire game from start to finish in my entire life. Apparently I should have watched just the last half and not the first but at least I stayed up late enough to watch the Half Time Show. I was really disappointed in Lady Gaga but have to admit I had never seen her before either. Wow, Pepsi paid Millions for That? I had just assumed that football fans were akin to Nascar fans: rednecks and very White Americans. I had no idea the Corporate World, these advertisers, were so Liberal! I did have a slightly different take on the Patriots though! Tom Brady (never heard of him before last night!) is so very, very White, looking like he was surrounded and protected by "his boys"! So, are Quarter backs Always white? And, clearly most of the coaches and Owners seem to be white. I realize these players get paid a LOT of money but it still came across as an ownership kind of thing.
Clearly it is Big Business! In this sense basketball is probably the same, "owning of players" but seems a faster and more fun game. In the olden days the loosing team had their heads chopped off which made the whole game more interesting.

A Modest Scribler said...

I agree, Craig. Who would have thought after that first Super Bowl that our TV masters would be able to stretch a 60 minute game into an eight hour orgy of non-game fluff.

A Modest Scribler said...

Jerry, most of us who watched Lady Gaga were just happy that she pretty much kept her material to entertainment...and not an editorial on immigration or social engineering. You may have read a blog I wrote about the NFL draft awhile back. On draft day the NFL conducts an event not unlike the old Black slave markets so it's no surprise that over half of NFL players end up in bankruptcy by the time their five year career NFL life span is over. Your comments about the possible lack of Black quarterbacks clearly illustrates your lack of NFL watch time. Had you watched even recently you would have seen the "Black Superman", Cam Newton in full strut. While Whites still dominate at that position there have been plenty of Black quarterbacks, some more successful than others.

If you want to see Black ownership you have to go over to basketball. There are plenty of Black owned basketball teams, and those Black owners are every bit as exploitive as the White masters.

Until a few years ago those SB commercials were either "family values touching" or funny. Today, half of them are produced with a social message....which automatically alienates half your consumer base. But, hey, ideology is even bigger than the profit motive these days.