Thursday, December 29, 2011

Republicans Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

Barack Obama has to be the luckiest guy in the world.  Despite dismantling free market capitalism, ruining any chance for economic recovery, running up 5 trillion dollars in additional deficits in three short years, and committing the federal government to another 10 trillion dollars of deficit spending over the next decade, it looks like he's going to get re-elected.

Last spring I wrote of the dearth of viable Republican candidates, and the plethora of idiot Republican candidates, and forecasted then that Obama is likely to get re-elected.  First we had the Donald Trump run, then we had Michelle Bachman's rise and fall, then Rick Perry's explosive rise and immediate fall when they heard that George Bush twang and inarticulate rants.  In the last few weeks we've had Newt Gingrich's surge and fall.  We have a Ron Paul who might carry Iowa but is quickly done soon after...a familiar pattern in his previous presidential runs.  Finally, we have Mitt Romney running as a conservative, and failing to instill much trust from Republicans.

I say if the Republicans lose they deserve it.  Republican voters are a dysfunctional group of people who are going through a revolution within their own ranks.  They are as divided as any group I've seen.  You have a Tea Party that is rudderless and leaderless.  You have a group of rigid social conservatives that demand nothing less than the harsh mandates of Old Testament constraints.  You have a group of political re-treads that profile themselves as "Washington Outsiders" when in fact they are tied to political action groups and lobbyists who are trying mightily to promote their own selfish interests, and not that of our country.

I can think of a handful of potential Republican candidates that are far superior to any in the field today.  Senator Marco Rubio is a fresh face, who articulates conservative values well and who could capture some of the hispanic votes.  Chris Christie is another.  Governor Bob McConnell from Virginia is a well spoken, reasonable alternative to what we have now.  Senator Thune form South Dakota is another.  Congressman Eric Cantor from Virginia and Paul Ryan are both far more skilled at explaining our current financial crisis and propose sound solutions for resolving it.

Defeating Barack Obama this coming year should have been an easy task.  Sadly, the Republicans seem to be able to offer a small army of bumbling, stumbling Presidential wanna-be's that just don't measure up.

The 2012 Presidential election will prove to be a "watershed" year for our country.  If we re-elect Barack Obama our country's move into the European Socialist Model will probably be irreversible.

Sad, Damned Sad.

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