Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Year's Resolution: Kill Political Correctness

My New Year's resolution is a continuation of one I made previously; to fight political correctness whenever I see it.

Political Correctness has garnered us the following:

A complete breakdown of our national moral foundation.  For example, for fear of offending Hispanics we must not be critical of their massive invasion of our country.  For fear of offending Hispanics, we must continue to allow the 14th amendment to be bastardized in order for tens of millions of illegal Mexicans to invade and drop their anchor babies here in order to secure free medical care, welfare benefits, Section 8 housing, free child care, free public schooling, free WIC  benefits and free Food Stamps.  We must never cite the explosive Hispanic crime rate as a problem because if we do we are racists.  To further garner Hispanic voter support we must provide a free national hotline so that Hispanics can file a "discrimination" suit against any law enforcement officer who, in the process of executing a citation, or criminal arrest, are deemed exercising prejudice against said illegal alien.

We must continue to allow Jessie Jackson to spew Jewish hatred while calling all whites racists.
We must continue to allow Al Sharpton to host a political show on MSNBC, even as he is indicted and convicted for tax fraud and continues to owe the IRS $1.3 million dollars in back taxes.  We must continue to allow Congressman Charlie Rangel to serve in Congress even after he was convicted of hiding over $10 million dollars in earnings from the IRS.  We must continue to allow all of the above to play the race card more than 45 years after the Johnson administration instituted raced- based racial preference program and generously handed out over several trillion dollars in welfare benefits.  After all, they are simply "victims".

We must continually believe that big government is the answer, even as big government has run up $16 trillion dollars in government deficits, committed ten trillion more in deficits over the next decade and amassed over $70 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities.  Any effort to stem this spending orgy will result in your being called a racist, uncaring "one-percenter".

We are never politically correct when we allow any mortgage holder to foreclose on a home, even when no effort has been made to make a mortgage payment in a year or two.  We must forego compliance with contract law and manipulate contract law to please the "big government" voter.

If we are to be politically correct we must never accuse any government agency of being guilty of waste, fraud and abuse.  Doing so automatically makes you an uncaring heartless demigod.

We must never criticize our black President lest we be accused of racism.

We must never be critical of labor unions (who contribute billions toward the re-election of liberal supporters) lest we be deemed an enemy of the working man.

We must never be critical of the explosive crime in the black ghettos.  We must never ask why black women have abortions at five times that of whites.  We must never ask why blacks draw welfare and medicaid at four times the rate of whites.  After all, they are victims of their environment.  Most of all we must never denigrate their "reasons" for any of these failures.

To achieve political correctness we must enlist in the army of liberals who have declared class warfare on anyone who is paying their bills on time, built a successful business, put some money in the bank and are obeying the country's laws.

So, as the new year dawns, I resolve to fight every aspect of the political correctness that is destroying our country.


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Just, an idea for a bumper sticker; " Political correctness has nothing to do with reality"